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Simple Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine Greener

Here, I share some easy tips on making your beauty routine as green as can be, without sacrificing your favourite products. 

Making eco-friendly choices in most aspects of your life can seem fairly straightforward, but what about your beauty routine? It can often take a while to find products that suit your skin, so when you find out that product isn’t environmentally conscious, it can be hard to know what to do.

Use what you’ve got

First things first, don’t go and panic-buy all new products in an attempt to make your routine greener. Wasting products is never a conscious choice, and neither is buying new items you don’t need. Firstly, identify which items in your makeup kit are sustainable and align with your values. Then, when you run out of a certain product that is not eco-friendly, do your research, look for dupes, try some samples, and replace it with a greener alternative. 

Say goodbye to face wipes

Although there are some biodegradable options nowadays, in general, face wipes are notoriously bad for the environment. They also strip your skin of its natural oils, unbalancing your PH levels and potentially causing you to develop spots, dryness, or make any existing conditions worse. One of our favourite options is reusable cotton pads with micellar water, which can be washed and are biodegradable. Otherwise, look for wateractivated, reusable makeup remover cloth, as this doesn’t require any other products to be used alongside it. Both these options are gentle on the skin and remove makeup and other grime. 

Buy into refillable or recyclable packaging

Brands such as L’Occitane, Bleach London, MAC, Nars, and many perfume companies offer refillable products, so when you have an empty you can replenish at a reduced rate. This is a win-win situation, reducing packaging costs, environmental damage, and saving you some money all in one go. Other brands, such as Lush, let you recycle your packaging with them, offering freebies or vouchers as an incentive. Furthermore, brands are now creating reusable and recyclable toothbrushes and razors, products that have historically been disposable.  

'Wasting products is never a conscious choice, and neither is buying new items you don’t need.'

Look for credentials

An easy way to select greener beauty products is to look for their credentials. Whether this is Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, CrueltyFree, or even Vegan Society Approved, these accreditations mean that a brand has adhered to a strict set of rules in the production and sourcing of its products. Research which credentials are the most important to you, and see which of your current products hold them. You can also look into what additional measures brands are taking to improve their eco-friendliness via their website, or external sources such as Good On You. 

Reduce your water habits

We’ve always been told that saving water is one of the best things we can do to improve the environment, and even small changes in your water routine can make a huge impact. These include turning off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing your face, taking shorter showers, or temporarily turning the shower off when using longer hair treatments. Even though it can seem easier to just leave the water running, it has a longlasting effect. 

Use multi-purpose products

Instead of buying multiple products for the various steps in your beauty routine, or multiple products with the same purpose, remove some steps. One of my new favourite products is the Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum, which was featured recently in our Cohorted boxes. This is a lightweight serum that boosts hydration, but it’s also the best primer I’ve ever used. Using highquality ingredients that aren’t tested on animals, this product has enabled me to reduce my consumption.

Making these simple changes will inevitably reduce the impact your beauty routine has on the environment. Some of them may take time to introduce, but others can be implemented straight away. Evaluate your habits and discover how you can make your beauty better, for you and the planet.  


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