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The WFH Essential Kit for the Productivity Lover

We’re still not over the fact it’s socially acceptable to work from our sofas, only dress from the waist up, and no longer commute further than our at-home office setup.  

These perks are major steps forward in changing office culture, with research suggesting home-working can boost productivity as we face less distractions and even produce more focused work.  

But we’ve all had the days where we struggle to get out of our PJs and make ourselves look presentable for the endless Zoom check-ins. Leaving us with a real lul in motivation, a dip in productivity and urge to pop on a cosy episode of Friends. 

So here’s your compiled list of WFH essentials from a fellow freelancer and full-time home-based worker. This list has you covered from outfits to desk setups, accessories and more, all to combat WFH burnout and get your long list of to-do’s swiftly ticked off. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

1K ASOS DESIGN recycled frame blue light clear lens glasses in green crystal

A good pair of blue light blocking glasses are a must-have for those staring at their screen for hours on end. They can help with screen-headaches and even help us to get a better night of quality sleep when used in the evenings as we’re starting to unwind.


Standing Desk

Remi Laminate Standing Desk

Frequent breaks to stretch, stand, change positions are vital to our longer term health. Investing in a standing desk allows you to still be productive while taking care of your posture, hips and back. 


Office Chair

Verus Triflex Office Chair

Speaking of posture, a good chair can go a long way in supporting good sitting habits by ensuring we don’t develop hunched posture.  


Ergonomic Accessories

Ergonomic Birch Wood Laptop Stand

To create an ergonomic workstation, you can go beyond your desk and chair by getting support tools to raise your screen to eye-level, position your keyboard and mouse at the right height, and more. Enkel Studio not only supports ergonomics but has ethically sourced, aesthetic aids to level up your desk setup.  


Mobility Tools

Cork Massage Kit

More ways to avoid developing back and neck pain are to purchase foam rollers, stretching balls and more, to use in your regular stretching sessions throughout the work day. Mobeco offer a range of sustainable equipment for your at home stretching or yoga sessions. 



The tool clockify is a completely free time tracking software to see how you’re effectively spending your work hours and boost productivity. It’s also great for anyone who is their own boss or working as a freelancer to track billable hours. You can also use it to analyse how long tasks are taking to set realistic deadlines.  


Deep Work

To round of our list we’ve included this must-read from Cal Newport on ‘Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World’ to help us live outside our email inbox, quit doom scrolling and reach a flow state of work to unlock ultimate productivity. 



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