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The Ultimate Lazy Girl Guide to Fitness

Ready to make some key changes to have you feeling healthier, lighter and happier? This is the ultimate ‘lazy girl’ guide to fitness.

Woman working out

Not by any means meaning it is purely for those of us who may be feeling like we have been on the lazy side of things at the moment, but a starter pack for everyone and anyone looking to take on project reset. Comprised below are the first few steps to helping you break the rut and either get back into the swing of your fitness regime or build a brand new one.

Step 1: Start with the small stuff

When thinking about getting back on track or setting yourself a new fitness mission for what might be the sixtieth time, it can seem like a marathon. Across many, many steep peaks. But by setting yourself the same, mostly unachievable goals each time, you will be unknowingly setting yourself up for a failure yet again. So, here’s a game changer, start small. The smaller the goals, the easier it is to achieve them each day. Of course, have the long-term goal there as the motivation behind it all, that pushes you to make the effort to actually create the smaller changes. But treat each step as a building block to getting you there. 

Let’s break it down with an example, say your goal is fat loss, the long-term goal is obviously to reach a certain weight/ body measurements / drop to a certain size but the short-term goals need to then be shaped to help you build your roadmap to getting there. With this case, a daily step count goal and reducing your calorie intake by 200-500 calories daily putting you in a calorie deficit will be the daily goals you seek to reach to get you to that long term one. Check out the previous cult article on macros to help with this which even links to a fab little calorie calculator!  

Woman jogging in the park

Step 2: Find the things you ENJOY and do more of that

So, you’re probably thinking, step count? Hmmm not a bit of me. The thing is, walking is not the be all and end all for getting more movement into your day, this can be in so many different forms so the key here is to find the form of movement that you truly enjoy. Whether that be dancing, hula hooping, pole dancing, swimming, yoga, hoovering, the list goes on!  

And if you’re thinking, any movement you do needs to be hours long and are just dreading the thought of it, again find these additions to your routine in quantity’s that fit you! It can be as simple as switching up your ‘lazier’ habits at work or out on the go! Take the stairs, park a bit further away from where you’re heading, stand up a few more times in the day, even stretch a bit in between screen time sessions. Small changes build greater ones. 

The key here is to help yourself out in reaching those fitness goals without having to restrict too much on your diet if your goal is some scale of fat loss and to improve your cardiovascular fitness levels in the process too. According to the NHS, including the staple 150 mins of physical activity a week reduces risk of coronary heart disease by up to 35%, reduces risk of early death by 30% and reduces risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 50%. Stats that cannot be argued with here, so let’s get moving hey?

Step 3: Educate yourself on your nutrition (e.g. don’t unknowingly drink all your calories hitting the vino!)

If your goal is fat loss, building muscle, maintaining your current weight or just feeling better in yourself, education in what you’re putting into your body is crucial. There are a lot of sources out there that will perhaps feed you misleading or incorrectly evidenced nutritional advice that will be way more detrimental to your health in the long run even if it seems you reach your goals quickly. Things like skinny teas, rapid fat loss diets, it is all selling one very simple technique to fat loss just in a some really unhealthy formats which is, you guessed it, a calorie deficit. 

By using simple tools like the Myfitnesspal app which easily allows you to track your food for the day by just scanning or searching, it will massively help in your day-to-day recognition as to what you’re putting in your body. A really easy way to become a bit more aware of the what’s in the food you’re eating on a day-to-day basis. A crucial step to reaching any fitness goal you may have. 

'Take the stairs, park a bit further away from where you’re heading, stand up a few more times in the day, even stretch a bit in between screen time sessions.'

Step 4: Get your beauty sleep in

One that the self-proclaimed ‘lazy girls’ among us will be over the moon to hear is the importance of getting enough sleep to reaching your fitness goals. 

Sleep and recovery days are actually so fundamental to our fitness ambitions, both formats of restoration and repair which we need to function to the best of our abilities. When sleeping, the body repairs and restores after all your activity during the day. This aligns to any and all activity so not even the laziest of lazy girls can escape the necessity of this one (nice try). The body builds new tissue, builds the immune system and helps your body recover in general. Very important to boost that energy and motivation for the coming day. 

If you find sleep a bit tricky and struggle to relax, check out some ‘ways to wind down’ for a helping hand.  

And if you’re thinking, well how will this help me with my fat loss goal if I still can’t find that motivation? Studies have actually shown that people who don’t get at least 7 hours sleep a night gain more weight and an increased risk of obesity than those who do. This stems from the idea you will feel hungrier throughout the day increasing your likelihood to sneak in those extra snacks if you are sleep deprived. So, you heard it here, get those Zzz’s ladies! 

Big water bottle

Step 5: Buy a big ass bottle and set your goals to hydrate

Another super simple but highly effective hack is to make sure you are getting in that H20. Despite what the scales may tell you, where drinking less water will usually make you weigh less as your muscles and tissues are dry and unsaturated, this is definitely not the way to do it.  A lack of water actually increases your water weight as it kicks your kidneys into a ‘conservation crisis’ preserving fluids once you do have a drink.  

Water and other fluids (coffee, tea, squash etc.) can all help to keep you feeling fuller too so reducing the likelihood of snacking and also ensuring you don’t overeat at meal times where you may actually be hungrier due to slight dehydration. Try and have a glass of water before every meal and when you have a snack. A little easy habit to get into to help you ensure you’re getting enough fluids on the daily as well as curbing unnecessary snacking or second helpings. 


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