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The True Meaning of Hot Girl Summer

The Megan Thee Stallion and Nikki Minaj hit song has become a whole mood in the last couple of years but if you haven’t heard of it, then get ready because by the end of this article, you’ll be ready for your best summer yet.  


Hot girl summer is a way to live the hotter months of the year as your equally hot and most authentic, genuine self, while also having the best time of your life. Sounds great right? “How do I apply?” We hear you ask. Megan Thee Stallion even said; “What are the “hot girl summer” rules? “It’s just basically about women — and men — just being unapologetically them. Just having a good a– time, hyping up your friends, doing you, not giving a damn about what nobody got to say about it… 


But with so many rules popping up across social mediahot girl summer has earned itself a bit of a reputation as an exclusive club. There seem to be a lot of ideas floating around about what hot girl summer actually is, from the way you should look and how you should behave, to even dumping your boyfriend. Girls, hear us out. At Cohorted Cult, we’re an inclusive bunch, who believe that every woman deserves her best summer yet, in whatever way she chooses. And after the last year, let’s be honest, we all need it now more than ever! That’s why we thought we would dispel the myths and share the true meaning of hot girl summer for each and every woman who just wants to be themselves and make the most out of summer 2021. 

It doesn’t matter about your shape or size

We call shhh on the idea that you have to look a certain way to enjoy a hot girl summer. Every single woman is unique and all differences should be celebrated. The only entry requirement into hot girl summer is you. Whether you’re hitting the beach for lazy days in the sunshine or looking forward to cocktails with your girls, you are invited to dress, look and be whoever you want. Just have fun with it! Wear that bikini if you want to. Dress to impress yourself. Most importantly, don’t let social media tell you that it’s not hot girl summer enough. Confidence and Individuality are the key words here and that’s all that matters. 

It’s about self-love

Hot girl summer is also about being true to your amazing self. That’s it. If nothing else, it’s about how you feel and how you treat yourself. If a friend came to you for advice, struggling with their self-esteem, what would you say? You’d probably tell them of all their wonderful qualities and that they should get out there, be themselves and live their best life. So this summer make it your goal to be your own best friend, be kind to yourself and live that best life – whatever that means to you. 

friends on a beach in swimsuits
friends sitting on a beach in swimsuits

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship.

Our true meaning of HGS doesn’t exclude women in relationships. Far from it! In fact, HGS has got nothing to do with relationships. HGS, in our humble opinion is simply an attitude to live by. If you are in a loving, healthy relationship, and want to spend the summer with your other half, then we’re here for it. Bring your partner along on the ride, and create more memories together. If you love someone, why wouldn’t you want to share your best summer ever together after-all? Book that road trip and make it a summer you’ll both look back on in years to come.  

If you’re single and looking for romance (or not for that matter) then we’re here for it too. Maybe you want to get out on to the dating scene and meet new people. Or maybe, you want to use this summer to spend time working on yourself and your dreams. Be with your friends. Be by yourself. It doesn’t matter. There are no real rules, just make this summer your own. You won’t regret it! 

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