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The Next Generation of Females

On Monday 8th March 2021, International Women’s Day was celebrated around the globe to mark the importance of females. Raising awareness about women’s equality and commending female achievements has occurred since 1911, symbolising the inherent importance of this date. 

Arguably, the race to equality is still yet to be won, however with one of the most tumultuous years nearly behind us, this is a brilliant time to reflect and begin to think about how our achievements can be celebrated.

The rising females in the US

To look for inspiring females, you really don’t have to go far. This could be in your personal life through family or friends, or in the wider world of politics, celebrity, academics or influencers. Having a natural curiosity in politics since school, I have always held an avid interest in this area. On the 20th January 2021, Jo Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Stood by his side were two empowering women who stand for change, individuality and the next generation of females. After such a devastating year for all, it can be argued that this really does inspire women to be whoever they desire. Jill Biden will be the First “working” Lady who will continue teaching at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)

Additionally, Kamala Harris is the first female, Black, Asian-American Vice President. In my opinion, here are two unique females who are making waves for change and continue to be committed to the causes they believe in. am confident in the power of influence and understanding the necessary need for change, which can begin to shape our personal desires and achievements. Using these two women as my recent role models, does not mean my aim is to become the next First Lady. However, I will continue to work hard and just do the things that actually make me happy. Having just started my first graduate job, I am at the beginning of my career and I hope I will continue to make it a priority in the future. With the likes of Biden and Harris at the helm, this is possible for females in my generation. In the future I may be a mother, wife, colleague, entrepreneur and myself all at the same time!  

“You may be the first to do many things, but make sure you are not the last.” - Kamala Harris

Being the woman, you want to be

Additionally, another personal interest is Fashion. I completed a BA in Fashion Marketing from the University of Leeds and am always on the hunt for the next wardrobe must-haves. Jill Biden and Kamala Harris also pay homage to this passion through the scrutinized outfits they wear. A brilliant positive about being in the public eye is the platform these women have, to shine a light on up-and-coming designers and pay a subtle nod to the fight of gender equality. 

Biden continually wears female designers to pay tribute to undiscovered talent. This beautiful blue coat and dress was created by Alexandra O’Neill of Markarian and was worn at the inauguration. O’Neill is a relatively new designer, so Biden wearing these pieces will help promote the brand to stardom. This highlights the importance of women supporting women and the exciting partnerships which can evolve. Additionally, the matching face mask was a brilliant touch too 

Furthermore, Harris wore a white suit by Carolina Herrea at the election celebrations in November. Not only did she look striking, but it also symbolises her role as the first female Vice President. She, like many other females will succeed in her job and her importance and fight for equality is noted. This also shows how fashion is extremely relevant in sending a message to the wider public. Although it may just be our appearance, finding pieces that make us feel confident is exciting and also meant to be fun! 

The importance of females

We only have to look at each other to realise as women, we really have a lot to celebrate. Bringing two new females into the White House, marked a great day for women, as this really symbolises the beginning of change. In 2021, we can continue in any career we desire, whilst being exactly who we want to be. I am a believer that even the little successes should be celebrated, even if it is just with an extra glass of wine. This really makes females feel special, unique and brilliant. Therefore, we should all celebrate International Women’s Day this year and tell our family, friends and strangers the importance of being female. 


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