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31 Dec

The Magical Medicine that is Positivity

We tend to hear the word positivity a lot in society, but do we really understand how magical and important positivity really is? 
Firstlylet’s take a look at how being positive or have having a positive mindset affects our mind, body and soul…. 

When you are feeling positive or have positive thoughts, your brain produces serotonin, creating a feeling of wellbeing. When you have high levels of serotonin, you feel happy, calm, focused, less anxious and more emotionally stable. PersonallyI feel more motivated and ready to take on the world when I’m feeling positive.  

Naturally I am a positive person, the kind who always has a glass halffull approach, rather than a glass half empty. I tend to always find the positives even when faced with a negative situation. But itALL about your mindset and how you perceive things in life that can really determine the outcome.

Train your mind to see the positive in everything. Positivity is a choice and the happiness in your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. When you think positively and train your brain to see the good in bad situations, you attract more positive outcomes. A positive mindset helps you to deal with a negative situation in a less anxious, erratic way. You will finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and stay optimistic during hard times. 
When you have a negative mind set, you more than likely feel anxious, in turn creating worry or fearYou will also find yourself overthinking, sleeping less and feeling a whole lot more stressed. These emotions are detriment to our wellbeing but also to our immune system, weakening it and resulting in feeling run down.


I am a true believer in positivity being a natural cure and playing a huge part in helping to aid illnesses and sickness. Keeping an optimistic attitude when fighting disease is 85% of the battle. It keeps you feeling motivated, strong and focused when life gets tough. I speak from experience; throughout my battle with breast cancer, I praised my positivity for getting me through the way I did. I was a force to be reckoned with and this was all down to my positive mental attitude. I never let my situation get me down, I remained optimistic throughout. 
From being diagnosed, I had battled and beat cancer within 6 months. I done it all with a smile on my face and remained pretty much happy through it all, taking all the negatives and turning them into positives. I remained as healthy as possible even when I was going through chemotherapy, once again all channeling back to my positive mindset. 
Positivity was and still is my medicine, it helps me to conquer any negative situation with ease.


If you’re not naturally positive person, learn to train your brain into thinking this way. 
Instead of feeling down about the negatives in a situation, try and seek out the positives and focus on them. There will always be at least one positive, no matter how hard you might have to look. If you learn how to do this, you will instantly notice the difference, not only in yourself but in general life situations. You will become less stressed over the little things, but most of all you will become so strong that no matter what life throws at you, you will be able to withstand the storm comfortably. 
I believe everybody in life deserves this. I think it is extremely important that every individual learns to recognise whether their glass is half full or half empty. Start to study your thoughts and reactions, once you become consciously aware of this and embed it into part of your daily routine, these feelings will become consistent. You will then start to notice the difference, while being able to identify how positively or negatively your brain is reacting. 
Start your 30 day positivity challenge by keeping a diary of your day to day life; what happened, how you reacted or dealt with that situation and how you could have dealt with it better

Positivity really is a beautiful thing and if you can master it, your life will become happier, more hopeful and a lot more stress free. 
The whole world needs positivity, now more than ever. 
It starts with us… It starts with you.

Leah Singh
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