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In honour of International Womens Day, Cohorted are championing leading #FemaleFounders in the industry. This month, our Cult Edit is a tribute to our female trailblazers…

Hannah - Graphics Team

Although Tiktok is a massive source for procrastination, it is also a great platform to discover lots of small businesses. I’m slightly obsessed with punch needle rugs at the moment and a female owned small business I follow, (who I found on Tiktok), is ‘Groovy Cat Garms’. They make lots of punch needle pieces like wall hanging rugs, sick stickers and also use screen printing to make unique items of clothing, like jumpers and tote bags. The owner of Groovy Cat Garms is a girl named Mel from Manchester, who creates all the funky and vibrant art pieces. Not only is her art amazing, but it’s also sustainable as she produces her art through slow fashion. How gorgeous is this wall hanging rug?

Kirstyn - Buying Team

'Caught Off Guard' Podcast by Patricia Bright

This year I have really got into listening to podcasts. One in particular I have been enjoying is ‘Caught Off Guard’ by Patricia Bright. This podcast features different guests each week, who Patricia asks different questions too – with no topics off limits. It is really interesting to hear peoples different stories. I particularly enjoyed the Grace Beverley episode (Founder of Shreddy and Tala) and Conna Walker (CEO of House of CB) episode, which are both a great fit for the Female Founders theme this month! The podcast is currently on its second series, so there is plenty of episodes to catch up on, perfect to listen to on your daily walk.

Amelia - Sales Team

Since the beginning of lockdown, I’ve been living in lougewear and sweats. I mean, hasn’t everyone? My favourite has to be the “Halo” and “Sky” set from the House of CB Sweats Collection. I love the oversized style and the top tier quality their clothing always has.

It’s been interesting and great to see how House of CB have had to adapt from their regular, luxurious and fitted going out/party wear to “stay at home’’ wear. The Sweat Collection comes in a range of lovely colours and styles, which is good to mix and match up your look with.

Annie - Social Team

If you’ve been on the beauty/influencer side of Instagram or any social media platform for that matter, then you will have seen fluffy brow come across your timeline at some point or another. Many influencers such as Lissy Roddy and Sophia Tuxford can be seen on Instagram showcasing their beautiful full and feathery brows. Now you might be thinking, ‘how can I get my brows to look like that?’… Well, one way of achieving this gorgeous brow look is through a salon treatment called ‘Brow Lamination’. However, with lockdown and salons not reopening for another few months, this isn’t an ideal option. Enter REFY Beauty, founded by influencer and model Jess Hunt, this beauty brand aims to redefine beauty. Hunt released a simple three step process using three brow products to help you accomplish these dreamy full and fluffy brows.

Tori - Social Team

Hope Macauley’s colossal knits, expressive prints and beadings are one to watch in 2021. Designed and handmade in Northern Ireland, Hope’s pieces have been pictured on all the coolest influencers and even featured in Vogue! The ultimate statement piece to add to your s/s 21 wardrobe. We’re thinking hot pinks, vibrant oranges and colours of positivity for our post-lockdown fits. Check out Hope’s chunky jumpers, cardigans and quirky co-ords!

Rose - Business Development

If theres one thing that has come from the past year of on-off ‘lockdown’ it’s time spent at home and time spent improving said home. I’m sure I’m not alone in giving a hand to DIY and some minor home improvements. Through endless online homeware shopping & instagram scrolling I have grown to love many independent hand poured candle brands but one of my favourites is Incensuel Candles founded by Kayla Brooke Anderson. Their hand poured candles are verging on sculptured art & the perfect addition to any room (or every room in my case!)

Eliza - Marketing Team

We’re still in lockdown and nail salons are shut, alongside all our other beauty treatments. Feeling put together while stuck inside can easily boost your mood, which is much needed at the moment. In replacement for my usual nail extensions, I’ve been buying press on nails, so I can still feel semi-glam while working from home. The best nail tech in the field is by far Rackstar Nails, who can be found via Instagram, and is loved by influencers Jordan Lipscombe and CC Clarke. They’re an easy and quick alternative to spending an hour in the salon, and are re-usable, so that £30 goes the extra mile. They come in a variety of colours, designs, shapes and lengths that are updated regularly, as well as being able to completely customise your own. We still might be living in joggers and hoodies, but at least our nails can be fierce and fabulous.

Lauren - Sales Team

Having been a skincare lover for my some time now, I recently got my hands on the infamous Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. I can definitely understand the hype around this product, as after only a few uses, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin texture and overall appearance. Even if this product might not suit your skin type, I would definitely recommend going over to the Paula’s Choice website, as they offer a wide range of products for all skin types, with expert advice helping you pick the best products for you.

Holly - Sales Team

We’re in still lockdown, spring is approaching and nail salons are still shut… I have had to be creative in how in paint my nails. This for me is a real mood booster, which is much needed right now. I have come to love Nails Inc and in particular, pastel shades, pinks and their Long Lasting Collection. This is the best nail varnish I have come across in a while and does the job for me! The quick dry is an added bonus and it means I can get on with my day without waiting around for my nails. Doing my nails this way gives me or freedom to change my nail colour on a regular basis and also is cheaper then going to salon… what more can you want?

Emma - Partnerships and Editorial

Celebrating all things female founded, I couldn’t help but include Muse Clothing. Created with both statement but staple wardrobe pieces in mind, Muse aim to inspire their customers through quality style led items selected to dominate your wardrobe.

Empower your outfit with this super-soft nude pleated knit skirt. It’s the perfect transitional piece for both the colder and warmer months and who said tennis skirts were over? 

Lucy - Social Team

With us still being in lockdown, one thing I have really enjoyed is eating lots of great food and having more time to cook and also try new foods! As a foodie, I have been loving Daily Harvest, which is like a food subscription service, but instead of your typical ‘stir fry’ you get yummy and delicious nutritious meals delivered straight to your door. You can expect meals like oat bowls, harvest bowls, chia bowls, and smoothies and lots more! What’s not to love…

Glossier is a brand I have used and loved for a while, but my favourite product (and one of my holy grails) is the balm dot com universal skin salve. I find myself reaching for this over any other lip balm that I have tried. My personal favourite flavour is mango – smells delicious and does a great job at keeping my lips hydrated throughout the day. But if mango is not for you, there are plenty of other yummy flavours to choose from including mint, cherry and a limited edition wild fig.


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