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21 Sep

The anonymous confessions of working in an office

There is a reason this post is anonymous, I can’t attach myself to this post because it might lose me my job.

As much as at times I enjoy my job, the realities of working in an office can be draining. The London rat race and commuter life is draining too.

What is it all for? Why are we (by we, I mean modern society) conditioned to this 9-5 lifestyle, 5 days a week for 48 to 49 weeks of the year all dependent on how much annual leave you get. I want to speak to the person who invented this way of life so I can inflict some pain. But on a real note, you might read this and think, if you don’t like this life, change it. I thought about it numerous times but the entrepreneur life or nomadic life isn’t for me. Right now I need stability and my bills aren’t gonna get paid by me running away from them.

Here are a few confessions from working in an office…

The Egos

There is always that one who has to get their stance across and be the big ‘I am’. They probably are having issues at home or are suppressing other parts of their being but it really takes it out of you to deal with them. Sometimes they can feel conniving but really you have to take them with a pinch of salt and hope you never become like that.

The Calorie Crew

Every single office I have worked in (It’s now in the double figures because I like to move about), there are always a group who perpetuate diet culture. There’s nothing wrong with staying in shape, we’re sat in a chair all day but thinking you’ll put on weight from inhaling oxygen or looking at junk food is pretty scary. They spend most of their day talking about how many syns they’ll commit, how many calories they have left or how their lives revolve around body image.

The Bad Managers

Some people are bad managers. They have the title thrust upon them as no one else has the capacity to do it and things go downhill from there. Some bad managers let title get to their head and will always remind you that they are a manager (these are the ones you need to be wary of). They’ll be nice enough to your face but when its time to throw you under the bus they will.

And no I don’t totally hate working in an office, there are times I really enjoy it. You can meet some amazing people, learn some amazing skills and of course the office banter can be great. But overall, unless you work for a free-thinking employer, you have to change who you are to fit their corporate ethos. You might get judged for leaving on time, and unappreciated at times but the best thing about it is that its not forever. Life goes on, you might win the lottery, you might decide to work for yourself or you might just pack it all in and decide to be unemployed. I’m hoping I win the lottery and get to liquidate every company that’s done me wrong.

Kindest Regards,


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