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17 Mar

Sustainability at LFW with Elle L

London Fashion Week AW20 proved to be a big moment for positive fashion, growing one step closer to supporting a more sustainable industry. Our sustainability ambassador – music artist and advisor to UN EnvironmentElle L was on hand to provide her highlights for Cohorted.

This season, I teamed up with Cohorted to champion designers pioneering a more sustainable future for fashion. Vin + Omi. really embrace this concept and their show is never formulaic – it’s always full of surprises. Over the past year, they have been working with Prince Charles to repurpose nettles from Highgrove and upcycle them into collections. Collaborating with Olympians and real role models, their latest offering to London Fashion Week was show RESIST at The Savoy. The show incorporated recycled wigs, a playful take on resisting temptation with a key longstanding messages ‘Don’t f*ck the planet’. 

The BFC were also in support of sustainability, notably with Patrick McDowell x Swarovski x Global Fashion Exchange‘s Swap Shop, You could drop in to the 180 The Strand to swap a pre-loved piece of your wardrobe and even embellish them with sustainably sourced Swarovski crystals. Patrick was supporting United Nations‘ 17 SDGs with a Swarovski emblem pin of the UN colour wheel, which he had made into a bracelet. Beyond just wearing this statement in support, he is embracing and applying these goals into his work. Patrick shared with me his personal favourite – Goal 4: Inclusive and equitable quality education, which he believes is fundamental to achieving a sustainable future.

Alongside Cohorted, I collaborated with DJ Lara Fraser and alcohol-free, plant botanical, mood-enhancing drinks from Senser Spirits, who provided us with the perfect sustainably sourced cocktails for us to enjoy between shows.

Fashion Revolution lead the way when it comes to discussing transparency and change with the industry. Their campaigns such as ‘Who Made My Clothes’, have gone viral and ask us to think about where are clothes come from, so we can reconnect with what we own and respect the supply chain and people that create what’s in our wardrobe. Orsola De Castro hosted an interactive workshop and panel at the BFC show space. Orsola  urged and encouraged us to think of re-wearing and continuing to love and re-use what’s already in our wardrobe – “I’m your rubbish, love me. With a creative intervention, what we own is valuable” – the message, if an item is old, restyle it, if it’s broke, fix it.

Last but not least, Amy Powney, creative director for Mother of Pearl launched a social media campaign collaboration with John Lewis ‘Fashion Our Future’, which encourages everyone to make a pledge big or small to become more suitable and unites voices of change to come together and embrace. You can get involved by taking a selfie and pledging your version of change online @fashionourfuture #fashionourfuture

The narrative for sustainability is evolving and we all can play a part by reconnecting ourselves to our choices.

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