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1 Oct

Support Independent Shops: The Autumn Homeware Edit

It’s autumn; time for pumpkin spice lattes, heeled boots, and slowing down along with the season. This is the perfect time of year to get mindful as you kick up leaves of dazzling reds and soft orange hues on your morning walk to the office.

It’s also officially time to start cosying up your apartment ready for Halloween movie nights and pot-luck dinner parties! We’re here to help you do just that with our 2019 autumn homeware edit.

Here is our pick of the best autumn home accessories available from independent boutiques and makers from across the UK.

1: Pumpkin Wall Art Print by Abbie Imagine, Etsy

Abbie Imagine is a handmade illustration business created by artist Abbie Smith. Finding herself between jobs after having been made redundant in 2013, owner and illustrator Abbie started selling some of her artwork to get by whilst she decided what to do next. Her prints proved immensely popular (I mean, an illustrated guide to pumpkin varieties, what’s not to love!) and so within a year, Abbie Imagine became a full-time venture!

Based in Cornwall, Abbie runs her Etsy shop with the help of her house bunnies, Pippin and Fliss, and her border collie pup, Poppy. She tells us, “Living in such a beautiful part of the world, I am often out exploring the countryside and as such, I am heavily inspired by nature and the seasons, particularly my favourite time of year, autumn.”

You can buy Abbie’s Pumpkin Print in an array of sizes, prices starting from £7.50 including free UK delivery.


2: Teak Ladle from T&Shop, London

T&Shop is a lifestyle concept shop and café that can be found in Newington Green, London. Shop owner Emily describes the area as “not quite Stoke Newington but in a good way”. “It’s up and coming – it’s getting there – but I love that it’s not all one tribe here. Having a shop-cafe is an amazing way to feel invested in the community; I do yoga across the street and spend most of my time in nearby Clissold park since having my son. I’m always bumping into friends there that were once customers!”.

This hand-carved teak spoon from Emily’s store is our top pick for stirring slow-cooked soups and stews on the stove whilst waiting for guests to arrive for an autumn feast. T&Shop have a swoon-worthy array of offerings both online and in-store so be sure to have a good browse and see what else you can also pick up!

Teak ladle spoon, £12


3: Pumpkin Spice Scented Natural Soy Candle

It’s just not autumn without candlelight as the nights draw in. We love this pumpkin spice scented limited edition option from Etsy makers Michelle and Hayleigh at Lollyrocket Candle Co. The two friends started their candle company from home back in 2009 and still hand pour each and every item they send out. Soy, vegan-friendly and encased in amber apothecary style jars, these fall scented candles are the perfect accompaniment to a bath full of bubbles and the latest Good Life podcast on those nights when staying in is soo much more appealing than going out.

For an added bonus Michelle and Hayleigh advise that “once the candle is finished, any remaining wax can be rinsed away with warm soapy water and the jar can be re-used as a lovely trinket holder or a cute planter for a succulent or small cactus!”. Bath-side must have!

Pumpkin Spice Scented Soy Candle, £10

4: Hübsch Large Hourglass, Black

Stop the clocks (pun absolutely intended), we’ve found the hourglass for you. What better way to count down to movie night or the witching hour than with this elegant design piece from Map Stores in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Boutique owner Pam has a background working in the British fashion industry and decided to combine her creative eye with her love for art, design, culture and travel, opening Map Stores to have a place to offer a curated range of inspiring and stylish contemporary design pieces. ‘Every product is considered with a sense of modern functionality, beauty and an eclectic simplicity’ is Map Stores ethos and we think this one-hour timepiece is an exquisite example of this.

Hour glass, £32


5: Bonfire Night Design Mug

These English made, earthenware mugs designed by Emma Bridgewater are literally made for sipping hot cocoa on your balcony as you watch fireworks go off in the distance this autumn. You can find them at 2017 independent retailer of the year, Daisy Park. Based in the pretty market town of South Molton, just outside of Exmoor, North Devon, shop owner Emma runs Daisy Park with the help of husband David of a Saturday, “He works full time for the NHS so I don’t like to put on him too much, but he’s great at making tea and supplying biscuits for the team and helps with DIY at the shop.”

This autumn the couple will be heading to the organized bonfire and firework display in their rural village, enjoying “plenty of hot dogs and a tipple or two”. Emma adds that she will be wearing her new autumnal jumper – a seasonal tradition started by her Mum who used to buy her a new knit each year when the fair came to town at the end of September.

“Autumn is a special time of year for us. It’s the cold snap in the air, the changing scenery, and we love being able to get out in the garden. The dahlias and roses are still blooming and the hydrangeas are ripe for picking and drying out for Christmas decorations.”

Bonfire Night Mug by Emma Bridgewater, £19.95

Portia Holdsworth

Portia Holdsworth is a life-writer, journalist, book editor and photographer. Having previously held the position of deputy editor of performing arts at Artinfo magazine, she now enjoys working freelance. Her life-writing works, photography and articles have been published worldwide. Portia is a strong advocate of slow living, cups of tea, and daily laughter, as well as of equality.

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