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5 Sep

The Best Songs To Listen To Whilst Reading

Listening to music whilst reading isn’t for everyone. Some people like to be in complete silence, with nothing but the sound of a flick of each page. Yet others find relaxation in having a soft, melodic sound surrounding them, as they indulge in a good book. If listening to music whilst reading, is something that interests you, then I would highly recommend this list of calming tracks that will only enhance your reading experience. So, get your Spotify or Apple Music at the ready, because you will definitely want to add these to your reading playlist… 

Ludovico Einaudi: Nuvole Bianche  

This beautiful and elegant song from the exceptionally talented pianist, Einaudi, is the perfect piece of music that will help your mind get lost in a book. I have no doubt that this song will create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere whilst reading; I’ve certainly never been disappointed with his music. Einaudi is the perfect artist to listen and read to, offering no distractions, but a moment of composure and calmness.  

Max Richter: She Remembers 

Richter has always been a beautiful composer. Although his works contain an essence of melancholy and sadness throughout, it doesn’t make his music any less captivating. She Remembers has always been an all-time favourite of mine whilst reading. Richter’s desire to use instruments which do not, by nature, have a sustaining quality” in this album, is what makes this song so tranquil, as each sound slowly fades into nothing, causing no interference whilst reading.  

Novo Amor: Birthplace 

Although this is a song that comes with lyrics, it doesn’t distract your mind from the book that you are currently losing yourself in. Instead, the soft lyrics that ride throughout support your need to simmer down and solely focus on the words in front of you. The soft strings tempers with the delicate, relaxing harmonies, creating a happy place for your mind to enjoy whilst reading. 

Sigur Ros: Hoppípolla  

The popular Hoppipolla is certainly the perfect song to unwind to, as the soft melody will immerse your mind into relaxation. It is a song that has always allowed me to discover a moment of serenity, giving me the perfect opportunity to enjoy a book peacefully. I truly believe this beautiful piece of music will provide you with the best possible reading experience you’ve so desperately been craving.  


The Cinematic Orchestra, London Metropolitan Orchestra: The Arrival of the Birds 

As soon as I discovered this beauty, I instantly fell in love. This deeply inspiring track offers a welcoming aural sensation that will certainly have you clicking repeat. The intertwining of the piano and strings is what makes this piece so utterly breath-taking. It is the perfect tune that will give you a sense of pleasure whilst immersing yourself in a book. London Metropolitan Orchestra has composed an innovative and moving melody that delivers the perfect distraction from your surroundings. 

If you are unable to concentrate on reading whilst music is playing, then perhaps you should consider other forms of sound. Whether that be the comforting sound of waves crashing, birds tweeting in harmony or even the pouring of rain that falls blissfully from the sky. I don’t believe there is anything quite better than discovering new delicate sounds that guides you to a peaceful mindset, whilst you luxuriate in a book. 

Reading is a time to be peaceful. So, these songs have been chosen specifically to enhance your relaxation and provide you with a sense of tranquillity that is certainly needed during a time of uncertainty. We are all hunting for a form of escapism, something to distract our minds with. So please consider downloading some of these songs, finding a quiet, comfortable place where you can have a moment for yourself, choose a book you will gain pleasure out of reading and allow yourself to be carefree!  

Bethany Welsh

Bethany Welsh is a versatile freelance writer, specialising in topics such as feminism, mental health and literature. Since graduating with an English Literature and Creative Writing degree, Bethany has continued to develop her professional practice, contributing to online platforms such as Cohorted Cult and working as a freelance writer for Flexus Dance Collective. This has then led to Bethany establishing her own blogging platform ‘The B Word’. Bethany is now completing her MA in publishing as she hopes to pursue a career working with books.

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