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Smokey Eye Pen: 3 Looks with Rodial's Global Educator, Lauren

We caught up with Rodial’s Global Educator Lauren, who gave us all her top skincare and makeup tips and tricks to share with you.

As part of our Cohorted #FemaleFounders campaign we are bringing you exclusive interviews, advice and so much more from some of the most inspiring and powerful women in the beauty industry. We caught up with Rodial’s Global Educator Lauren, who gave us all her top skincare and makeup tips and tricks to share with you. So, if you want to find out how to get that sultry smoky eye you’ve always wanted to try or that ‘no makeup, makeup look’ that you’ve seen all over Instagram, then keep on reading…

Have you ever watched those tutorials on Instagram or seen a gorgeous smoky eye look and wondered, how exactly do they do that? How do they make it look so easy? Well, thanks to Rodial’s Global Educator Lauren, she gave us her top tips to achieve that gorgeous, sultry smoky eye in 3 simple steps. All you need is the Smokey Eye Pencil, featured in our March #FemaleFounders Beauty Box (and maybe a brush), but yes, it’s that easy.This specific product was created in 2014 by Rodial founder Maria Hatzistefanis, after she decided to create a capsule make-up collection alongside their high-performance skincare. The pencil is a gel/powder formula that can be used in many different ways. 

All you need is the Smokey Eye Pencil, featured in our March #FemaleFounders Beauty Box (and maybe a brush), but yes, it’s that easy...


The first way you can use the Smokey Eye Pencil, which is Lauren’s go-to, is in the waterline to create a sultry sophisticated and chic look. Now, she did tell us that this technique does take a bit of practice as it can seem terrifying poking yourself in the eye with a pencil. However, Lauren’s top two tricks for this method is:

  1. Always look away from the pencil especially when applying the product to the top lash waterline.
  2. Use a cotton bud or your finger to pull down gently on the under-eye area, pulling the waterline away from your eye and then apply the pencil. Using the Smokey Eye Pencil in the waterline creates the illusion of a fuller lashes, because you’re applying the product in-between the gaps of your lashes.


The second technique is to use the Smokey Eye Pencil to create a small feline flick, which elongates the eye to give the eye more shape. This method is perfect if you have a zoom call, or you just want more out of the shape of your eyes. Now, Lauren’s top two tips for this look include:

  1. Ensure your pencil is super sharp so you can get that precise look.
  2. Follow your bottom lash line to gage where you want to place your flick. If you follow your top lash line, is tends to drag the flick downwards, whereas if you follow the bottom lash line it will create a more natural flick. Finally, add a small amount of pencil in the tear duct and drag out slightly for that gorgeous feline look.


The third, but definitely not the final way of using the pencil, is where the real smokiness happens. Use the amazing Smokey Eye Pencil under the bottom lash line and on top of the upper lash line. To start, colour in the waterline, as this will help create a natural smoky eye, whilst using the Rodial Smokey Eye Brush to blend underneath for a seamless finish. Then, apply the pencil to the top lash line – you can be fairly heavy handed with this part, as the product is very soft and will blend out easily. Lauren’s top three tips for this look:

  1. Do this before applying mascara.
  2. If you make any mistakes just use a cotton bud to tidy up any mistakes.
  3. Use concealer or the Rodial Banana Lowlight Concealer under the eye afterwards to brighten up the eyes and cover any fallout.


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