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11 Jan

Ski Essentials for the Slopes

With snow beginning to settle in the French alps it can only mean one thing; Its finally the start of Ski Season. To celebrate the new ski season, I thought I’d give you the main essentials to prepare you for the slopes this time round with the trusty help from a slope-expert!

So, what are the overall slope essentials?

This would have to be a good Lip Balm, with the cold weather and icy breeze at the top of the mountains constantly drying your face, it’s definitely an essential. My go to would have to be The Body Shop Hemp Balm or the Dior Lip Glow for that extra hydration. Another slope essential would have to be sun cream; We’ve all made that mistake by getting a tan face with a milky white body after a week on the slopes. We learn from our mistakes!


What is your go too fuel food for breakfast before the slope?

This is the most important meal of the day, especially for a snowboarder. Its key to have something filling and full of protein. I always go for poached eggs on a toasted bagel, and always try to squeeze a croissant in too, with my morning vanilla latte.


What would be your go too slope outfit?

I like to match my outfit to my snowboard, and I love the contrast of bright jackets and dark salopettes. Therefore, I always go for a bright pink or blue jacket to pair with some black or grey salopettes; which match the colours of my board perfectly. Colour coordination is the only way to be stylish on the slopes!

 Layers are key when hitting the slopes, they keep you warm but are also easy to take off once you’ve warmed up. A backpack is essential, as you can keep food and water with you all day to save yourself some money; it can be quite expensive to eat out on slope restaurants every day!

What are 3 things you couldn’t go on the slope without?

Number one would definitely have to be goggles and sunglasses; the weather can change extremely quickly, its essential to be able to see in snow and fog for your safety. Its also crucial to have your helmet on you at all times, its not the most fashionable part to your snow day outfit, but neither is being airlifted out of the mountain concussed in your snow outfit.

 Finally, a snood, this is a life saver on those extra cold days, it protects your face from the harsh winds. Which us snowboarders know can be rough on the high mountains when gaining some speed.

A must do when getting off the slope?

I love to get straight into my cosy clothes after a long, hot shower; my favourite jumper to throw on is my PINK fluffy hoodie it instantly warms me up.

I sit with the other chalet girls and enjoy a hot chocolate; my favourite is a creamy Milka Hot Chocolate with lots of cream it immediately warms your whole body and tastes so velvety. I also enjoy a well needed moisture masks to rescue our face after the harsh winds, the Moisture Bomb by Garnier is the best for this!


Ski Season is an amazing experience and with these slope essentials you’ll be sure to stay safe and warm this season and make the most of hitting the slopes.
Georgia Leigh Rhodes
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