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7 Simple Self-Love Habits Every Woman Should Adhere To

February is commonly known as the month of love. But lets talk about the most enriching love you’ll ever find  this is the love within yourself. Self-love through the toughest times and the greatest. Living mindfully every day and owning your power though self-love and admiration.  


Ladies, I know it’s a little tough to love ourselves from time to time. There’s a lot of expectations and added factors around why our self-esteem can sometimes be low, or we might feel a little worn out. I just need you to know that greatest habit of all is to mindfully implement self-love. Self love should be non-negotiable, as it’s important for our physical and mental well-being. 



Don’t drag yourself down. 

Stop comparing yourself to others. If you look at someone and find yourself comparing your appearance or your general lifestyle, you’re not walking in self-love. When you find yourself in this bubble, recite some positive affirmations to yourself to reground yourself. 

Listen to your body and the signs it’s giving you.  

If you’re in any uncomfortable situations, whether that’s physical stress or just not feeling good, remove yourself or take time out. This is an important part of self-care and it goes hand in hand when it comes to tuning in with your body. 

Set boundaries and adhere to them.  

We often have boundaries in our mind but don’t speak up when they’re crossed. When we’re living in a state of self-love, it’s essential we are setting boundaries with ourselves and the people around us. If we don’t, we’re suppressing ourselves and initially saying they don’t matter when they clearly do. 





Daily gratitude.  

Love everythingeveryone you have and everything you are. It’s truly a reflection of your own self-love. If you don’t have self-love, you’ll be reaching for what others have (going back to point one) it’s a vicious cycle if you don’t control it. 

Set Boundaries 

The company you keep is an observation of how well you love yourself. Improve your relationships. Let go of friendships and partners when they’re not serving you. Set more boundaries. You can’t be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. 

Quit the negative talk.  

Catching yourself out when this happens is necessary. Call yourself out on your bs. Would you say these things to someone you love? No, probably not. Calling yourself stupid, lazy, boring or any other negative language must stop. If you notice yourself doing it, then just reverse and say something kind. 

Take the compliment and take the criticism.  

When someone says you have nice hair or look beautifulthen just say thank you. It sometimes feels natural to downplay it and say, oh thanks BUT  stop. Secondly, when and if you receive a bit of criticism mindfully take it in and don’t respond negatively. See it from a different perspective and just say thank you. 

I hope you’re able to look at some of these habits and recognise what you do and don’t do. It’s not realistic to wake up tomorrow and become a changed person (but if you do then great!). It’s about incremental change and slowly introducing these self-love habits into your everyday. 


When you wake upmake a commitment to yourself that you’ll change the narrative when something negative shows. That you’ll make a commitment to make time for self-reflection and self-care. You’ll create long lasting habits of enhancing your self-love. That there is the most wonderful commitment you’ll ever make. 


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