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The Products You Need To Get You Through Your Time Of The Month

We all know it’s a divine experience to be a woman, however, there’s a certain week per month where we are left feeling less than ideal. Throughout this period (no pun intended), our only advice is to treat yourself, relax, and take it easy. Below, we have listed the ultimate wellness, relaxation and lifestyle products guaranteed to make your time of the month just that little bit easier.  

Chocolate is the answer to everything, especially at that time of the month. And, did you know, it’s actually scientifically proven to help ease cramps and boost mood? When we consume chocolate, the amount of serotonin and endorphins (i.e happy hormones) in our body are boosted – as if we ever needed an excuse for a sweet treat. Immerse yourself in luxury with the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, a nifty little machine that creates barista grade, velvety creations in just 2.5 minutes. Choose from classic chocolate or mix things up with salted caramel or peanut butter flavours. Whatever your tipple of choice, it’s an instant mood boost – and great to snuggle up with whilst watching a classic chick flick.  

All women know that, for one week a month, a hot water bottle is life. Level up your relief with the help of a Snug Bud, the world’s first wearable body warmer. Sure, it might not be the pinnacle of high fashion, but in the name of easing cramps whilst on the go, the Snug Bud will be your new BFF.  

There’s something about a relaxing bath that makes everything better. Switch your phone off and have yourself a pamper night whilst indulging the senses in a moment of sheer bliss with a little help from Laura Mercier. Simply swirl the almond and coconut scented bath soak into warm running water with the wooden honey dipper to create lightly scented bubbles. Let all your troubles and pains fade away into the background before stepping out with baby soft, lightly scented skin. Bliss.  

A good night’s sleep is nature’s best remedy. Shut off from the outside world with the Slip Silk Eye Mask. As well as aiding relaxation, Slip provides anti-ageing effects, helping to keep skins moisture, as well as expensive skincare products, where they need to be.  

Another product to add to your bath time ritual, the Oskia Moon Salts are specifically formulated to soothe the body and promote calm. As well as providing skin with exceptional hydration, the scent of lavender and rose provide a calming aroma, whilst key ingredient magnesium actively encourages sleep.  

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw said, ‘No, I’m going to bed. I’m not in the mood to be with a bunch of people’ – well, we can relate to that. Deeply. When you’ve had an awful day at work, the mood swings are real and your boyfriend doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space, our dear friends Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are here to provide us with the witty one liners we know and love.  

When you want a warm hug, without the element of human interaction, the Silentnight 7KG Weighted Blanket is here for you. The weighted wellbeing blanket gently gives the sensation of being hugged, whilst easing anxiety, stress and encouraging deep and restful sleep. What’s more, this cosy gem has also been proven to reduce muscle pain and tension – meaning you wake up feeling well rested and rejuvenated.  

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if aromatherapy really does work, we’re here to tell you it does. With three blends designed to calm, purify and refresh, this pocket-sized set will help you deal with common day to day problems through the art of aromatherapy. The soothing lavender blend is designed to relax and calm the mind; perfect for adding to your bath or to pulse points. The tea tree blend is perfect for helping combat pesky hormonal breakouts, helping to deep cleanse and purify the skin and the much-needed addition to your skin care routine. The eucalyptus blend is stimulating and powerful, helping to clear the head and promote focus; perfect for those work days where all you want to do is climb back into bed. Keep these in your handbag – they’ll become the trio you never knew you needed. 

PMS is arguably one of the worst symptoms of your period (you know, what with the cramps, headaches and breakouts). These nifty little vitamins, crafted with two very potent herbs; chaste berry and dong quai, have a balancing effect on estrogen levels. Two tablets a day are all it takes to combat cravings, cramps and irritability. You can thank us later – and get your other half to thank us, too… 

There’s little to say about why you need the Ugg Scufette Slipper in your life, but you really do. Picture this: you get home after a long day at work, kick off your work clothes and get changed into your comfiest pair of pyjamas, ready to do some last-minute house chores (we love London, but hate the lack of dishwashers in flats. What is that all about?) and reach for your comfiest pair of Ugg Slippers, before winding down for the day. They are an essential part of every loungewear uniform – you wouldn’t leave the house without the perfect pair of shoes, so why should loungewear be any different? Make the investment – we promise its life changing.  


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