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Get 2021 Right With These Top 7 Planners

We have finally said goodbye to 2020, and what a relief that isIt’s been a challenging year for many people and whilst we may have started the year with lots of goals, a lot of us won’t have achieved half as much as we had planned. 

And that’s ok.  

We have all lived through a global pandemic and daytoday tasks which we may have taken for granted in the past have actually been bigger successes than you may think. Whilst the world isn’t back to normal yet, it is still spinning and lots of us have goals to achieve. We have adapted to a new way of working and living and many of us want to make the most of 2021.  

We want to make this year count. We want 2021 to be our comeback year. And it can be. The key to success I believe is a combination of determination and planning. And the best way to keep track of your progress, plan your goals and measure your success is with a planner. 

Like many people, I invest in a planner every year. And after a few months, I get lazy with the planning and scheduling and eventually I stop using it. But this year is different. 2020 has made us realise that the time for achieving our goals is now, and that’s why choosing the best planner for success is what’s going to help us achieve our goals. 


Here are 7 of the best planners for 2021: 


This is a luxury planner with a padded faux leather outer cover and it’s perfect for those who like to track and plan their daytoday tasks. There’s a month overview followed by daily spreads with space to list tasks, shopping, water intake and also a space for reflection. 

This is the ultimate desk planner for the girl bosses out there. It has every type of goal setting and reflection sections you can imagine, along with monthly planning pages and daily pages broken down by the hour. 

Focusing on productivity and organisation, the CEO Of My Own Life Planner from Ella Iconic splits planning into four categories: business & career, home & family, health & fitness and you. Perfect for anyone wanting to achieve their goals in every aspect of their life in 2021. 

The Happiness Planner is one which focuses less on business and productivity and more on personal development and reflection. The aim is to provide you with the tools to live a happy and fulfilled life no matter what happens in the outside world. 

If you’re a believer in the Law of Attraction, this planner is for you. It begins a few steps earlier than regular planners by focusing on awareness and self-discovery, thinking about your life purpose and what you value in life. From there it prompts you to break down your goals, find clear strategies and then use Law of Attraction techniques such as visualisation and reflection to achieve your goals. The undated planner means you can start at the time that’s right for you. There’s a monthly overview and reflection along with weekly spreads too. 

Another undated planner to use from any time of the year. The Clever Fox Planner allows you to plan your daily tasks and record appointments to keep you 100% organised. It’s compact and lightweight so easy to carry around with you and keep your day on track. 

And finally, The Positive Planner is slightly different than the others above, in that it’s only a 12 week planner. The aim of this planner is to take you on a journey of self-care, gratitude and positivity to transform your life. It focuses on mindfulness but also has the key parts of any planner including monthly spreads, shopping lists and meal planners too. 


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