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One Direction: Looking Back at 1D’s Most Iconic Moments

We decided to look back at 10 of their most iconic moments as a band. Now all we need to do is hope for a reunion.  

group picture of one direction

Photo Credit: Pinterest

On 23rd July 2010, one of the world’s greatest boybands was formed: One Direction. I personally refuse to believe there is anyone alive today that hasn’t at least heard of them. Whether you consider yourself a Directioner or not, you know them, you know their names, their faces, their voices, and you can sing along to at least one of their songs. Anyone saying otherwise is kidding themselves. 

Now, ten years on, the band has been disbanded for 5 years and the boys have all embarked on solo careers. Harry Styles is forever iconic, Zayn has had a baby with Gigi, Liam is, well, being a little odd if you ask me, Louis is living a relatively wholesome life with his 5-year-old son, and Niall is still being Niall – except he’s besties with Lewis Capaldi now. A group of 5 lads from England, who’d have guessed they’d come this far?  

10. Zayn’s iconic awkward dancing on X Factor

Oh hun. This dancing was so bad he was almost kicked out of 1D altogether, and it’s really not that hard to see why. Weve included evidence for anyone that doesn’t believe us, or who really wants to have a little cringe and giggle:

Zayn Malik dancing GIF

9. THIS incredible picture of Niall

Nial Horan

8. Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

Sadly, this was sans-Zayn, but that hasn’t stopped it from being the 3rd most watched Carpool Karaoke ever, with over 100 million views. There’s been a lot of contention over whether the episode is actually one of the best or whether it’s been propelled to its status by the ever-loyal Directioners. However, anyone saying it’s not worth every single one of its views clearly doesn’t know how to appreciate Harry’s luscious wavy locks, Niall’s precious shocked face as he realises James Corden actually can sing, and even the choreographed, denim jacket, boyband moment that we’d all been waiting for, for 5 years. It’s truly 13 minutes of absolute bliss. Don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself:

7. Louis Tomlinson’s lovechild

1D had barely broken up when news broke that Louis was due to have a baby – much to the disappointment of a lot of fans. The first 1D baby and the first moment when it seemed like the boys had started growing up, it was a defining moment. Plus, the baby (well, now five-year-old) is adorable.  

6. Their smash hit movie: “This Is Us”

Just three years after the band was formed on X Factor, they were debuting their first movie: “This Is Us”. Focused on their career, you might wonder how one band had achieved enough in just three short years to make an entire movie about it, but as we all know 1D is no ordinary band. I mean, they’d already performed at the Olympics and they were barely 21. To say this movie was iconic would honestly be selling it a little short. It’s got the entire band, Simon Cowell, Martin Scorsese even pops up at one point (why?). There are a lot of 3D gigs that makes it seem like the boys are in the room, Niall pretends to be a Scottish arena staff member who hates boybands, and Harry is back working in his old bakery which is an image everyone needs in their life. I would go so far as to say it’s one of the best movies ever made. And yes, this is the hill I’m prepared to die on.  

5. Liam having a baby with Cheryl Cole

How could anyone forget Liam dating and having a baby with Cheryl freaking Cole? First of all, the pair met when Liam was just 14 which is just so weird, and second of all they named their kid Bear. Bear Payne. Its unique, I’ll give them that.  

4. Zayn having a baby with Gigi Hadid

I’m sorry, but is there anything wilder than a boy from Bradford having a baby with Gigi Hadid, one of the most beautiful women in the world? There is literally hope for all of us guys.  

3. “What Makes You Beautiful”

Their first single after X Factor, the defining moment of the band’s career. Truly, the best song of the last decade and I dare anyone to fight me on that.  

2. Zayn leaving the band

It’s been over 5 years since Zayn quit the band and it still brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it – and I’m not the only one. On that fateful day in March in 2015, the world stopped for a few moments as people discovered the news, and with that mass mourning began to take place. I’m not kidding. There were even good-bye parties, the like of which were referred to as funerals, as heartbroken girls all over the world were left reeling from the loss. Truly, a moment that will go down in history.  

1. Harry Styles being, well, Harry Styles

This one just… doesn’t need any explanation. And if you need any convincing, then watch this video: 


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