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New Year, New Positive Self

Here are some tips on how to strive for a more positive self-outlook in time for the new year.  

After the year we’ve all experienced in 2020, it can certainly be daunting to think about the possibilities that the new year may bring. But instead of expecting the worse, it can be helpful to look for the silver linings in every situation and try to seek out happiness.  

It’s easier said than done of course. Here are some tips on how to strive for a more positive self-outlook in time for the new year.  

Create a daily routine

Creating a day-to-day routine and planning out what you want to do can help provide structure that you might be lacking during these uncertain times. Not only will this help keep you on track with any work or tasks that needed doing but will also help you outline what needs doing each day. This will allow you to prioritise what’s most important and needs doing first.  

When creating a routine for yourself, remember to dedicate time to yourself to do hobbies or things that you enjoy and bring you happiness. Doing something for yourself each day will help teach you self-care, and how to treat yourself whilst still remaining productive throughout the day. 

With that being said, don’t feel like you need to stick to this routine religiously! Let yourself ease into it. Start by only doing this routine during the week and have the weekend off. Don’t beat yourself up if you sleep in or finish work earlier than scheduled. It’s all about maintaining balance and listening to your thoughts, feelings and body. 

Get outside and exercise

Regular exercise has been proven to help improve mental health. It doesn’t matter whether you run 10k or just go for a quick jog in the park. Simply getting out the house and getting active can help distract you from whatever is going on in your life that you may find distressing or troubling.  

If you are new to exercise, you could simply practise going on a quick 30-minute walk or jog each day. Take in your surroundings and be present in the moment. Throwing yourself into exercise can help work through your emotions physically and relieve any stress or anxiety you may be experiencing.  

Getting outside into nature can help remove yourself from any negativity felt within your home environment and can help reset you and your mood for the day. Joining the gym could also be an option, adding this to your weekly routine and introducing yourself to new environments and people. 

'It’s all about maintaining balance and listening to your thoughts, feelings and body.'

Practise Gratitude

It can be hard to stay positive 100% of the time, especially during stressful periods in your life. Practising gratitude has been proven to help significantly reduce stress and build self-esteem.  

Take a moment each day to think of memories or people that bring you happiness, and express these emotions to those people. For example, thanking a loved one for a time they were there for you, or a co-worker for when they did something helpful. 

You can buy gratitude journals which help you document your thoughts and feelings. Or listen to positivity podcasts to help remind you each day to focus on the positives in life. It’s about teaching yourself to see the glass as being half full, rather than half empty.  

Make 2021 the year of possibilities.  


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