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Mood-Boosting Podcasts You Need to Listen To

There is no greater feeling than getting stuck into a good book, film or TV show – so why not indulge yourself in a podcast? 


So, what are the benefits of a podacast? A great form of escapism; which is definitely something we all need right now. Podcasts are a great way of stepping out of your shoes and into someone else’s; giving you the chance to listen and immerse yourself in someone else’s life, stories and advice.  

Podcasts offer the opportunity to connect with the host on a much deeper level; through their conversations and discussions with guests, on topics often close to their hearts.  

Right now, it’s extremely important to stimulate ourselves mentally, engage in positive activities and conversations that are productive towards our wellbeing. Podcasts allow you to focus and engage constructively, taking your mind off your personal struggles. 

Easy to listen to podcasts are a great way to occupy your mind when doing almost anything. You could be getting ready in the morning, working out, cooking, cleaning, going on a walk, any time is the perfect time for a podcast.  

Here are some podcasts we are loving right now…

Unfiltered by Cohorted

The ‘Unltered’ By Cohorted podcast aims to bring together women who desire to live their lives with passion, inspiration, and genuine connection. Discussing topics relating to all aspects of life spanning from career, entrepreneurship, and personal development, to health, wellness, and spirituality. Unfiltered by Cohorted engages in conversations with exceptional women to inspire and remind us to live fearlessly, own our confidencesure, and empower others to be the best version of themselves promise to bring honest, authentic conversations, that our community can trust. And to deliver un-ltered, empowering stories that entertain, educate and inspire

The Girls Bathroom

YouTube duo and real-life best friends Sophia and Cinzia discuss listener’s dilemmas on love, friendship, careers and navigating life as a young woman in today’s society. Filled with motivational messages and advice, this is a great podcast for those of you craving a laugh with the girls!

Happy Place

Building on the success of her self-help book ‘Happy’, Fearne Cotton draws from her own experiences in life and shares expert advice on how to find joy in each day. Delving into how to unlock inner happiness by chatting with inspiring individuals who have changed their lives for the better, while helping us to do so. This is a great podcast for those wanting an educational and in-depth conversation into the hardships of life that we all go through. 

Private Parts

Made in Chelsea stars Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle provide the listener with an insight into their hectic lives, telling hilarious tales and revealing juicy details from their personal diaries each week. Joined by celebrity guests, each episode discusses a range of topics; from motivation and mental health, to fitness and fame. This is a brilliant podcast for those seeking an escape from everyday life and in need of a good laugh.

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster invite special celebrity guests into their ‘dream fantasy restaurant’, to each choose their ideal starter, main course, side dish, dessert and drink. All whilst sharing food related anecdotes, tales, memories and recommendations for the audience to indulge in. If you’re a foodie who loves a funny story, then this is the perfect podcast for you to sink your teeth into! 


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