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Mood-Boosting Activities for International Day of Happiness

As we approach a year since the first lockdown, it’s becoming difficult to find any motivation, and it’s pretty normal to feel down. Sometimes it can feel difficult to get out of these un-motivational funks and low moods, but this is your easy way out… 

When you’re in need of that urgent mood boost, its important to review your headspace and ask yourself multiple times a day, how am I really feeling? and ‘why am I feeling this way?’. This is an indicator of your negative thoughts!  

A perfect starting point to boost your mood is to journal! Get all of your thoughts and feelings onto paper and out of your brain. What better way to begin than with the perfect little notebook, like the ‘Moan and Move on’ notepad from Not On The Highstreet. It encourages you to let go of any negativity and bad thoughts without focusing on them. The ‘I Worry About’ notepad, on the other hand, allows you to hone in on your worries by writing them down and rating themoften making you realise how much you were overthinking a situation.  

To dive even deeper into this activity, make it a habit.

Practising daily gratitude through journaling will eventually make you fall in love with the life you already have. To do this, you can pick your favourite notebook and start by writing down three things you are grateful for every morning; this sets the tone for your day. If you’re after the perfect journal, the Papier Wellness Journal has everything laid out to begin your mindfulness journey; from habit to mood tracking. Alternatively, the Not On The Highstreet Gratitude Journal centres on everything you are grateful for. Journals are completely personal to your life, so opt for one which focuses on the activity you prefer. 

Another great mood boosting activity is meditation.

The big M word. I know this can scare a lot of people, as it did to me a year ago. But meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in lotus position for 30 minutes trying to ignore your thoughts. Take a minute or three, sit comfortably, allow yourself to relax your shoulders, and focus on your breathing. Allow each thought to enter your mind but don’t peruse it, just acknowledge itgain some control of your thoughts. A great way to learn and begin meditation is through the mobile app Calm, the best £27 I have ever invested in for myself, and my mental health. With everything from a three-minute calming anxiety practice, to guided in-depth teaching. An alternative, and less daunting way to incorporate mediation into your daily routine, is through walking. Get some fresh air while really being in the moment; observe your surroundings and subconsciously think about what you are grateful for right now. Calm even has a walking meditation for you! So why not pop your headphones on, get outside and boost your mood 

Finally, get creative!

Creating vision boards and getting crafty can be peaceful, soothing and relaxing for your mind, while manifesting your future goals. A vision board can be anything you want it to be; what goal do you really want to manifest right now? A house? Your dream jobPost Covid travel plans? Oryou can create a physical Pinterest board on what you want your life to look like. The best way to start is by gathering images on Pinterest, printing them off and begin getting artsy by laying them out on a piece of card, canvas or even in a scrapbook. Fashion Influencer, India Mooni.e., the most positive light on my Instagram feed, has a whole story highlight dedicated to creating a vision board – a great point of reference for beginners. Not only is this a wholesome activity to switch off from social media, it’s also a guaranteed way to manifest your dreams and turn them into a reality. 


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