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Lisa and Lauren Goldfaden discuss Their family dermatologist-developed skincare brand

This month, in honour of International Womens Day, Cohorted are championing leading #FemaleFounders in the industry. Throughout the month of March, we are bringing you exclusive content from the leading ladies themselves.


Our female founders series will discuss how brands were founded, the personal journeys of these inspirational women and sharing advice that will empower younger woman on their career paths.

Next in our #FemaleFounders series is Lisa and Lauren Goldfaden, daughters of Dr. Gary Goldfaden and founders of Goldfaden skincare. 

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t just tease you because featured in our March FemaleFounders Beauty Box is the Goldfaden Wake Up Call Moisturiser; a luxurious, creamy texture leaves you with luminous, more youthful-looking skin.

1. For our audience who aren’t as familiar, could you tell us a little more about Goldfaden and why it is such a unique brand? 

LG: Goldfaden MD is the first dermatologist-developed skin care line crafted with powerful, natural ingredients that truly transform skin. The brand offers luxury skincare products that target a range of skin concerns with state of the art technologies including active plant cells and antioxidant rich botanicals. All of our formulations are developed without harmful , skin-irritating ingredients to deliver the best results for all skin types. 

Goldfaden MD is the brainchild of South Florida-based dermatologist, Dr. Gary Goldfaden, who has 40 years of experience treating a wide range of skin concerns. To offer his patients the best possible solutions , Dr. Goldfaden created a collection of natural skincare products inspired by the treatments and procedures he performed at his dermatology practice. Due to the growing demand and efficiency of his products, Goldfaden MD was born. 

In addition to bringing the first physician-strength, plant-powered products to the marketplace, the brand recently overhauled the packaging materials we use in order to mitigate our carbon footprint. Now, all of our products, including bottles, boxes, samples and shipping materials, are made with 100% recyclable materials. We’re working across all of the company’s departments to limit our plastic and energy usage and waste, while continuing to incorporate environmentally sound materials. It’s a step we’re proud to be making. 

Watching the lives of so many people change and transform with the help of dermatology and quality skin care still motivates me.

2. Do you think your fathers experience in dermatology has influenced your career path and the success of the Goldfaden?

LG: Throughout my life, I have had the pleasure of watching my father make profound changes in so many lives by improving the way his patients view and feel about themselves. Many skin ailments can be debilitating and chip away at our self-confidence. My father has always been able to provide a healing touch for his patients. Watching the lives of so many people change and transform with the help of dermatology and quality skin care still motivates me. The knowledge that Goldfaden MD’s thoughtfully formulated products can improve our consumers’ skin and make them feel amazing is incredibly fulfilling. 


3. Could you describe what an average day looks like for Lisa and Lauren?

LW: My day begins at 5am when I start scanning my emails to make sure that there is nothing urgent that needs attention. Doing business in multiple countries requires you to always be available. Then, I technically start my day with exercise or meditation. If I am not in the gym, which is where I usually was in pre-Covid times, I am out running, practicing yoga, hiking or I’m at home stretching, breathing and meditating before I dive into the day’s tasks. Exercise is a necessary part of my daily routine! 

Since both of my kids are home in virtual school, I review their schedules and get their desks prepared to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible! I take a handful of vitamins every day including Vitamins D and E, Fish Oil, Green Coffee Extract and Cinnamon. And I always have a cup of coffee—I love coffee. I’ll either eat a bowl of chia pudding or a few hard-boiled eggs with blueberries for breakfast. 

Every work day is different. Pre-covid, I was at the office, in lunch meetings, in and out of stores, meeting with my team and traveling frequently. Now, my days are filled with Zoom calls (both for me and my kids) and trying to get outside as much as possible! I try to end my work day by 5pm so I can spend my evenings with the family. We have dinner, get baths, then watch movies together! 

LG: I like to wake up with the sun. I scroll through my emails to make sure there are no pressing issues and then start scanning three different newspapers. I love the news and I always want to know what is happening everywhere in the world. Then I get up, use an ice roller on my face while making coffee and take my morning peptides and vitamins. 

Next, I work out, which I’ve been doing outdoors since the start of Covid. I power-walk, run and weight train. Then, it is time for work. Before quarantine, I travelled every few weeks, so being home all the time has been an adjustment for me as I have focused on staying present in the moment. I practice intermittent fasting, so I don’t eat until about 1pm. Lunch usually consists of a big salad and yummy high fat protein. And after work is done, I walk and breathe the day away. I absolutely love to cook, so it’s been really nice to have more time to focus on that. At night, I either watch whatever I’ve been bingeing on Netflix or an old movie. I try to be in bed before 11pm so I can be rested and ready for the next day. 

Never fall asleep with your makeup on and wear sunscreen at ALL times.

4. How do you both find working together, is it testing working in a family run business?

LW: There are so many benefits to working in a close family business, especially when it comes to trust and agility. Being able to share the same passion, drive, and dedication with my family is truly remarkable. As a team we’ve formed an unbreakable bond, and it makes us quite powerful in ways I never experienced in the larger corporate setting. 

The beauty of our compact team is that we have the same goal in mind, but four different backgrounds and experiences to pull from. Having control of the business and easy access to one another allows for fast critical decision making. And we all have the best interest of the business at heart. 

I could not be more grateful for working with my family. There is always a sense of safety, which allows each of us to go out on a limb and know that no matter what, we have each others’ backs. 


5. What is your favourite thing about each other?

LW: My favorite thing about Lisa is her ability to turn even the hardest day or situation into a positive one by offering a clear, realistic and reasonable perspective and resolution. 

LG: My favorite part about Lauren is her strategic thinking—it is an amazing skill which I do not have and am so thankful that she does! Her positive outlook on life in general is an absolute pleasure to be around. 


6. What was your first ever makeup item?

LW: MAC Lip Glass! 

LG: Maybelline Mascara 


7. What has been your proudest moment?

LG: I am most proud that we are still a true family-run business. We started this on our own and we’ve grown and learned so much along the way. 

LW: Our continued growth—I know it may sound expected, but it’s a LOT of work! We have had 40% growth year-over-year since we started Goldfaden MD, and we are working hard to continue on that path with strategies like retail expansion, product launches, social media initiatives, and marketing partnerships. We will likely surpass our year-over-year growth for this fiscal year, which is really exciting! 

8. What beauty product can you not live without? 

LW: My skin has completely transformed since I started using Doctor’s Scrub. I truly could never live without it. It’s a ruby crystal infused microdermabrasion exfoliator, which literally illuminates my skin, smoothes out my texture and leaves my skin balanced and glowy. 

LG: I cannot live without Bright Eyes. My fine lines/wrinkles and darkness has improved tremendously from this triple action wonder cream. As soon as I put it on I see an immediate improvement.   


9. From your experience through the years, what would be your 1 piece of holy grail skincare advice?

LW: Never fall asleep with your makeup on! 

LG: Wear sunscreen at ALL times. 


10. Did your father (Gary Goldfaden, MD) give you any health and skin tips growing up and what is the most memorable thing you’ve learnt from him?

LG: I’ve always been health-focused, and my father’s emphasis on living a health-conscious life has had a huge influence on me. As kids, we weren’t allowed to have soda, candy or fast food. My father was a champion racquetball player, so I spent many weekends watching him compete. He taught me the importance of exercise and how it relates to health—and he even coached my and my brother’s soccer and basketball teams. 

Juicing was also a big part of his post-exercise routine, so I learned a lot about vegetables and fruits at a young age. My father also got acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments, which I now get regularly. He always placed an importance on your internal health being as important as a healthy appearance. You cannot really have one without the other. 


11. Who is your ultimate female inspiration and why?

LW: Malala Yousafzai—Her story is so emotionally inspiring and moving. I see her as a true testament to strength, perseverance and determination—and all at such a young age, which is extremely admirable. 

LG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg—she was a true pioneer who broke down barriers, stood up for what is right and inspired all little girls to be whatever they want to be. 

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