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January Sales Tips and Tricks

We understand that the sales can be a tad overwhelming at times, so we’ve compiled a list of the five best tips to ensure you get the most out of the deals this January. 

The Christmas season is well and truly over, but that doesn’t mean that the shopping has to be! With the 2022 sales destined to lighten up our January blues, it’s time to prepare ourselves for some of the best bargain’s money can buy. Whether you’re looking to completely revamp your wardrobe or spend some of that gifted Christmas cash, January sales are the best place for savvy shoppers to stretch their money the furthest. But we understand that the sales can be overwhelming at the best of times. The queues will be snaking around the city centre and the shops will inevitably be torn to bits. Even online sales pose their own problems, with the dreaded ‘out of stock’ notification popping up more times than we can count.

Only buy what you can afford

No sale is worth getting into debt for and brands have tailored the sales to entice you to spend more money. It’s even more tempting to use a split payment option, but think about how disappointed future you will be when the payments come around Stick to your guns and remind yourself that, although something expensive is on sale, it still might be too expensive for you. 

Set a budget

Setting yourself a budget might be the most important rule to follow. A budget allows you to think more wisely about your purchases. The discount might be mouth-watering, but that doesn’t mean that you need it! Nobody wants to spend too much money, only to be haunted by a selection of clothes that sit in your wardrobe unworn. A sensible budget not only ensures that you’re not overspending, but also makes the items you do buy all the more worth it

Write a list

What do you really need? A new toothbrush with 50% off? Or maybe there’s a bag you’ve been eyeing up all year with a price drop that you simply can’t say no to. Write a list of all the things you want to make navigating those packed-out stores so much easier. It’ll also help you avoid grabbing things for the sake of it. The sales aren’t a competition, and you’re destined to lose if you’re too impulsive and don’t plan ahead

'Brands will do all the marketing to entice you, you just need the willpower to stick to your guns...'

Compare prices

Online stores are the best place to shop around for the best deal. Finding the cheapest version is a no-brainer, and there are plenty of thirdparty apps that’ll help you on your hunt for the lowest price. If you are braving the high street, make sure you’re not just panic buying the first thing you see because it might not be the cheapest offer. 

Buy ahead

From birthday to Christmas presents, bikinis to big floppy hats, the January sales are known for providing deals on things you just KNOW you’ll need at some point in the future. January is notoriously the best time to buy an affordable bikini because who needs a bikini when it’s snowing? Why not plan ahead and think about all the upcoming occasions that are going to cost you more than they need to. It’ll also save you from a lot of last-minute shopping stress. 

The January sales are the perfect time to spend the extra Christmas cash and gift cards that you’ve received, and the shops know this just as well as you do. But be mindful! You don’t have to spend this money immediately. Waiting around for the perfect item is much better than compromising for a seemingly perfect deal. Buy things because you want them, not because you’ve succumbed to the pressure of the January sales. 


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