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Is kissing in the rain really that romantic, or have rom-coms been lying to us?

Rom-coms have conditioned me to believe that it isn’t true love unless I end up sopping wet.  

Kissing in the rain has long been considered the ultimate romantic move. In fact, there are countless films and TV shows that use this classic trope as a signal that everyone’s favourite “will they, wont they” couple has finally landed on “they absolutely, definitely will”. Charlie and Carrier finally confess their love for each other during the rain in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Will and Elizabeth tie the knot with rain streaming down their face in Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s famous upside-down kiss is set amongst the raindrops in SpiderMan, and of course, in The NotebookNoah famously grabs Allie during the rain for a kiss that has gone down in history.  

There’s no denying that the rain has been positioned as the ultimate romantic gesture, and I have personally dreamt on multiple occasions about getting into an argument with the LOML, running out into the rain only for them to grab my arm, pull me towards them, and stare deep into my eyes before finally gaining the courage to initiate that life-changing kiss. One of my cringier dreams I’ll admit, but what can I say? Rom-coms have conditioned me to believe that it isn’t true love unless I end up sopping wet.  

Maybe it’s really just as simple as, kissing in the rain means you literally couldn’t ignore the passion and longing anymore. You can’t let one more second pass when you’re not with that person, and you don’t care that you end up soaking wet in the process. Or maybe it’s because it’s because a rainstorm brings with it the overwhelming sense that you’re alone with your partner, a cocoon of romance with nothing but the sound of the rain to break that peace and isolation. It could even hark back to evolution; being caught in a rainstorm could easily signify danger, and so your partner being with you to protect you might even save your life. A potentially life-saving rendezvous in the rain? There’s no way that’s not romantic.  

Scientifically, the only tangible reason is that the sound of rain, and the atmosphere bad weather brings with it can actually make you happier, improve your sleep, and provide relief from anxiety. I guess if you begin to associate rain with all of this, it makes sense that anything that happens in the rain begins to feel heightened as well.  

Ultimately, no, there’s no real reason for rain to be romantic. It really is a rom-com trope that Hallmark created, simultaneously conditioning whole generations of people to believe that kissing their SO in the middle of a rainstorm should be a life goal. But you know what? It is a life goal of mine, and I’m not ashamed. If it’s good enough for Taylor Swift to sing about in 18 different songs, it’s good enough for me to longingly fantasise, as I sit curled up with a hot coffee watching the raindrops trickle down my window.  


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