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8 Mar

International Womens Day: Women in Beauty

Without a doubt, women have been revolutionising the beauty industry, right from the early days of even the 1900s when Elizabeth Arden bowled onto the scene waving the flag for women everywhere. With her outspoken nature and scientific makeup formulas, she got the world on board with the idea that women can wear makeup for the sheer delight of it, for themselves and not for a man! What a thought!

Another lady successful in the 1900’s that you may not have heard of is entrepreneur Madam C.J.Walker. She fought against the odds to create her own brand of hair products for afro hair. Losing her hair, combined with lack of options on the market, she set out to build her brand from the ground up, travelling the country to promote her products. Whilst having everything against her, from fighting racism to sexism, she became America’s first self-made female millionaire. Talk about inspiring!

So, for International Women’s Day, I wanted to talk about some women-owned brands that currently stand out to me, for their individuality and sheer passion to produce innovative products. In a world of huge beauty brands and big-budget marketing, these lesser-known, female founded brands are making waves and it is so refreshing to see.

Jane Scrivner

Jane’s thinking and the driving force behind her brand is the belief that we can feed our skin healthy. With over 30 years’ experience, she has gone from being an international instructor, training spa therapists all over the world to having an award-winning skincare brand. There isn’t much Jane doesn’t know about skin and ingredients. Her passion for teaching people how to look after their skin is what makes Jane so inspiring, holding workshops and seminars so she can share and impart all her experience makes her a well-respected and loved name in the industry. Using nutrient rich plant oils to feed the skin her products are packed with goodness, some favourites of mine are the Nourishing Cleansing balm, Bioluronic Buzz Serum and OO cream.


In 2014, Viola Radomsky set out to create a brand which was both vegan and cruelty free, something she struggled to find in the existing market at the time – most had incomprehensible ingredient lists and all she wanted was simple, affordable products that were kind to animal welfare and the environment. She has been hugely successful, with Lani being a global well-established brand on the ‘green beauty’ scene, reaching cult status among the vegan community. Her passion for doing good shines through, she has made a remarkable difference to over 20 charities to date and this year the brand is committed towards donating to 4 animal charities across various parts of the world. What an incredible woman! I’ve only recently started using their products, but I am in love, the Tropical Cacao Mask and Blue Mint Cleanser are already favourites, a bonus is they smell out of this world!

Frances and Pauline Prescott

Multitasking, time saving skincare is something Frances and her sister Pauline have got nailed. Frances being a facialist and makeup artist, her sister an international businesswoman, joined forces to collaborate on bringing their experiences to life. Frances being helm of product development and Pauline heading up the business development side they have created a brand that answer the needs of many living that busy modern lifestyle. They have created a capsule collection of travel friendly products that ooze luxury and are formulated with high performance natural active ingredients. Packing your beauty routine has never been easier. These products allow people to pare down and travel more efficiently freeing up space in your suitcase! Their Tri-Balm is a must have 3 in 1 cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser. I personally love to apply it as a mask as well!

Aflorence Skincare

Named after her daughter, Tina set about creating skincare that focuses on supporting and restoring the skin barrier. Handcrafted and made in small batches at her London studio, she has really set the beauty community alight following her launch just 2 years ago (which is no mean feat). Her commitment and dedication to research and development shows through in her brand on every level. Ensuring products are formulated with intelligent ingredients that have been supported in clinical studies, whilst resonating with her holistic principles of skincare she has filled a much-needed gap in the market. I’ve tried most products but stand outs are the Hydrating Gel Cleanser, Skin Rehab Creams and the Super Serum.

Whilst there are many other female-owned brands I could talk about here; it is apparent whilst researching, that we still have a long way to go in terms of women dominating the beauty industry. Shockingly, the stats in 2019 showed that around 71% of leadership roles in beauty are held by men, this completely surprised me! So, if you want to help boost these numbers then look at this article as an encouragement to support some wonderful female owned brands on 8th March for International Women’s Day.

Rachael Heritage

I am a 29-year-old fully fledged beauty addict from Buckinghamshire with a penchant for cleansers. Talking about all things beauty is a passion of mine. My blog and Instagram are my little slices of the internet where I can ramble on and share my thoughts about anything and everything. In my spare time you will find me writing, taking photos for Instagram and chasing after my children and diva of a dog. Books and tea keep me sane.

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