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Inspiring UK Women You Should Be Following On Instagram

March 8th is International Women’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to go ahead and follow some of the most inspiring British women on Instagram? As women, we appreciate a day like this… But we also know that life goes on, and we need inspiration, motivation, and empowerment throughout the year.

Truth be told, there are a LOT of amazing British women on social media. So many ladies doing so many amazing things! This list was hard to narrow down, but these are a few of my favourites who I’ll definitely be following this year and beyond for daily doses of coolness!

For the adventurers

Ladies who enjoy living vicariously through other people’s posts will find a new favourite in Pip Stewart! She’s all about the great outdoors and telling stories, which is a great combination that leads to some amazingly inspiring content.

Pip worked as a reporter in Malaysia for a number of years before she… Cycled home to the UK. Only 12500 kilometres or so! She didn’t exactly stop there, either. She took a job as Red Bull’s Adventure Editor, got right back on that bike, and covered 16000 km and 26 countries in the next year in the saddle.

She’s done some crazy stuff. And she’s always planning other crazy stuff! Her feed is full of spectacular views and wholesome family moments with her hubby and kiddie. Only goodness, stunning nature, and inspiration on this profile!

For the Climate Change Activists

If being more sustainable is one of your goals for the year ahead, Mikaela is a good one to follow. She’s a climate change activist who inspires in a lovely way, challenging people to think out of their usual conditioned thought processes and governments and corporations to change their ways.

Her feed is full of interesting snippets of her thoughts on a wide variety of things, including a bit of promotion of her book, a few honest emotional moments, and a lot of joyful family moments. She’s not entirely what you might expect from a climate change activist, but her gently inspiring mannerisms are well worth watching.

All in all, if climate change is something you care about, you’ll come to look forward to spotting that amazing hair on your newsfeed! Did we mention she’s been nominated for the Global Citizen Prize: UK’s Hero Award? She’s doing big things—keep an eye on her!

For the Coffee & Cycling Enthusiasts

Jools Walker is a fascinating person. If you pop onto her Instagram profile now without knowing anything about her, you’ll find yourself hooked, especially if you’re a fan of coffee—she’s the co-host of the Adventures in Coffee podcast, which is a must if you love your coffees and are interested in learning more about them.

She’s also big into cycling, and you’ll spot numerous cycling-related pictures on her feed. In 2016, she was featured on Instagram’s #MyStoryUK photo exhibition, as one of the women out there challenging stereotypes and being unafraid to push boundaries.

But behind that, she’s a published author who’s fought her way through a stroke and the subsequent depression, but overcome it all in the most positive of ways. She shares good vibes and motivation on her Insta feed, but perhaps the most inspiring part of it all is that she’s not afraid to be herself.

For Black Women

Slay In Your Lane is run by Yomi Adegoke, a journalist, and Elizabeth Uviebinené, an author and brand strategist. They’re both of Nigerian descent, but grew up in the UK. Both women are highly successful, but have faced numerous challenges being black women in a predominantly white country.

The two met at university and have been best friends ever since. Their book, Slay In Your Lane, is a guide that’s aimed specifically at black British women who may be struggling with the same feelings and troubles that they went through.

The book was so successful that it created the whole Slay In Your Lane movement, and it’s become a community where women can be inspired and motivated to be successful in whatever avenues they choose.

Their feed showcases inspiring black women, and you can also sign up for their newsletter, The Afterword, to get inspiring content right in your inbox!

For Those Who Want Community

Gurls Talk is more of a community than just a simple Instagram post! This feed is designed to be a safe place for women to come together, share their stories, listen, advise without judgement, and support each other.

The feed is filled with quotes to empower, beautiful artworks, and real-life stories from women all over the world, with different backgrounds and different life stories. They also tackle topics like mental health and body image, empowering women to gain confidence in themselves.

This community was founded by British model Adowa Aboah, who grew concerned with the lack of mental health resources for women as she was facing her own struggles with sobriety and depression, and looking for ways to help.

So, being an inspiring woman, she created Gurl Talk to be a safe haven for women of all backgrounds, with all stories, to come together and motivate and support each other through difficult times. And celebrate with each other during great times!


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