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Inspiring Career Advice from Female Entrepeneurs

Two years ago, with a bachelor’s degree and a history of half-baked ideas under my belt,

I decided to finally dedicate myself to something I felt people my age would benefit from. A podcast, designed to ask the many successful people around me at different points in their careers about how they found success.

Pep Talk with Peppitt Podcast Logo
Inspiring quote from @galswhograduate

As a huge fan of podcasts myself, I was all too familiar with the legendary stories of multi-millionaires, who found obscene wealth after launching the next trendy dating app or fast-food chain. But, as entertaining as these stories can be, they weren’t answering the real questions.  

Having just stumbled out of university, I wasn’t deliberating over how to ‘disrupt the market’, which is so often the parting advice from these podcasts. Instead, I was concerned with becoming a normal, functioning human being first.

How I’d nail a job interview, secure a great graduate scheme, or maybe even start a small business, were the questions that my friends and I asked ourselves. However, some of the people around me seemed to know the answer. So, I decided to ask them.  

Armed with an at-home microphone, a Buzzsprout subscription, and Garageband software, I created ‘Pep Talk With Peppitt’.  

Two years later, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some incredible entrepreneurs who have inspired and motivated young professionals around the world to monetise their passions.  

Here are some of the best pieces of advice I received from these fabulous female founders.  

This is the time to start the business you’ve always wanted to create. Just do it, and love what you do.

If you’re a recent graduate on social media, chances are you’ll have heard about this thriving community of girls who have recently left university, and who have bonded over a shared need for advice, support and guidance. From functioning as a rapidly growing resource to share jobs and opportunities to acting as a virtual shoulder to cry on, Gals Who Graduate has provided an invaluable support network for disconnected young adults who have struggled to find their feet after graduating into a world lost amid a pandemic.  

Her wise words to commit to something that you are passionate about is the answer to finding daily motivation to get up and do it while reminding yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

There is a lot of investment initially, but everything you make, just put back into the business.

Sally Newall is a successful events caterer and founder of an award-winning, natural ice cream company, all while raising four children. What started as a small, local ice cream brand sold in nearby farm shops, has now expanded into leading supermarkets, and is in the process of reaching an international market.  

Her advice to stay calm and reinvest everything you make back into the company is motivation to look at your venture as a long-term commitment and trust your gut instinct.  


Talking to people is the best advice you can get

For Georgia Symonds, what began as a healthy lifestyle has now become a brand and a rapidly growing community. For mouth-watering nutritious recipes, her Instagram feed is an aesthetic dream, but it’s her granola that has caught the attention of foodies everywhere. Low in sugar, delicious, and very reasonably priced, Georgia’s granola has taken her on a journey of nourishment and wellness that has gone on to inspire others to transform their own relationship with their diet and understanding of what ‘healthy’ really means.  

Georgia can’t emphasise enough the importance of communication and accepting the help of those around you. Recognising just how much you can learn from the older and wiser, and not being afraid to ask, is the first step to succeeding.  

Don’t let the fear debilitate you

As a pharmacist and chemist of 15 years, there isn’t much that Esther Copeman doesn’t know about skincare. Despite her depth of knowledge about different drugs and antibiotics that are so often prescribed to cure skin ailments, Esther is an avid believer in natural treatments, and using products that are organic and ethically made to cure the body and the soul, which is why she turned away from pharmaceuticals and founded Concept Skin.  

When I met Esther to interview her about her cult skincare range that was sold at an organic produce market in Canterbury, I confided in her about my own struggles with eczema. Without hesitating, she gifted me her bestselling serum ‘Grace’, with the promise that it would transform my skin overnight. Needless to say, I woke up to nourished and soothed skin, and I’d recommend it to anybody who suffers from dryness or dermatitis.   

Concept Skin now offers a large range of skincare products for men and women, from bath salts to body creams, designed specifically for different parts of the body to target specific skin ailments.  

Esther believes that every line, wrinkle and scar you possess should be worn with pride, and this translates into your business approach too. Learn from your mistakes, own them, and then remember these lessons moving forward. You can’t go wrong. 

Concept Skin lifestyle imagery

You can find all of the interviews mentioned above, and more, by searching ‘Pep Talk With Peppitt’ on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.  


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