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Influencers Who Are Paving The Way for Self-Love in the Fitness Space

Each year, the world continues to move towards a place of more inclusivity, diversity and acceptance. Of course, there is still a significant amount of work to be done but we are most definitely seeing progress. More acceptance, more movement and more empowering people leading the way for others to follow. 

Self-Love Fitness Influencers

Below are just a handful of content creators who are and have been continuously using their platforms as a voice for empowerment. Helping us all to reflect and move away from unrealistic IG ideals that so often absorb us into a spiral of self-deprecation and learn to love ourselves and be accepting of others despite what we may see as ‘difference’s’. Channels for change that deserve a shoutout! 

Naturally, as a theme with my articles, we are going to be looking at this from a fitness influencer POV. An incredibly saturated space that all in all, does act as a health source of body comparison. But what we are now seeing more of is the reality behind the highlights and these are just some of the she/her influencers doing it so, so well…

Her infectious energy and message of body confidence says it all for Chessie. Recently becoming author of her first book, ‘Be your own best friend’, Chessie’s platform is all about inspiring her audience to respect and love ourselves for all our insecurities. With very real and raw content that goes against the grain and celebrates Chessie’s own angles of reality, rather than hiding them away, has been a source of self-empowerment for her over 800k followers, which has been on a journey of growth since 2015.  

Not afraid to discuss the ‘taboo subjects’ has instated her in an almost ‘big sister’ platform for her audienceShe has also worked heavily with charities like Cybersmile in tackling and creating awareness of online trolling and cyber bullying. In the fitness space, Chessie is also an inspiration to those with alike ‘invisible illnesses’, which is a topic of inclusivity with a need for progression. Suffering with a condition called SVT for over 4 years which has left her with permanent hearing loss, tinnitus and a hole in her heart, Chessie still ensures to keep as active as possible. A trainer on popular on-demand fitness app FIIT and regularly posting content showcasing her love of fitness, the girl stops at nothing.

Founder of @runningfatchef as a secondary account to her own, Latoya’s ethos circulates on making fitness something everyone can access and enjoy, no matter their size. A chef, ultrarunner, journalist and activist, Latoya is a pretty multi-faceted inspiration with content that is nothing but empowering.  

The inclusivity she projects for does not stop with plus size inclusion either. Latoya is a strong activist for the BAME community and not one to shy away from making her thoughts and opinions heard throughout her content and her feed. Oh, and her recipes are definitely one to go check out her content for

Myvegan ambassador, Gymshark athlete and as of recent, the first disabled woman to feature on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, Sophie Butler continues to grow and inspire as a voice for the disabled community. Her content is authentic and creative while still being very educational, particularly around ensuring recognition of how the fitness space can evolve to be more inclusive to the disabled community.  

With over 102k followers, Sophie’s platform is a really vibrant hub of content and is also home to her D&I Sunday school with Soph series, offering weekly infographics on a range of topics around disability, from relationships to mental health to actions we all can take to support the community.  

And last but not least of this small outlook on the incredible array of inclusive fitness platforms out in the social media space, Gabby Male. A health, self-development and business coach, Gabby is all about teaching others to feel empowered in their bodies and learn the truth about health being much more than just food and fitness. An open book in subjects and discussion, Gabby’s content regularly explores and shares thoughts and learnings on taboo subjects.  

As someone who has suffered with a poor relationship with food and fitness in the past, Gabby strives to ensure her followers do not fall down the same path. Her content glorifies the stereotypical ‘insecurities’ we see looked down upon in the media and celebrates listening to your body and loving it for all it is. A truly honest and authentic platform that will bring so much positivity to your feed, go check her out! 


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