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17 Jun

Important Life Factors

There’s never not a ‘right’ time to learn these 7 key factors of life. When you feel like you’re on top of the world or when you’re at the lowest of lows, acknowledging the 7 factors of wellness and understanding how to utilise their purpose to your personal life, will easily enhance the great times and allow you to pick up from the bad ones.  

Each factor is just as important than the other, but some will be more relevant and more important in our day to day lives. There’s nowhere to say you have to be perfect at all 7, it’s just a guideline on how to live a healthy, happy and mindful lifestyle. 

What are the 7 factors & what can we do to improve them in our lives?

Emotional Wellness

Is the factor that resembles your mind and inner peace. It’s how we control our mental wellbeing, understand our feelings & know when we need a little self-care and to pull out the tools and techniques to be in charge of our stresses, inner strength and negative feelings.  

  • Find your calm, what relaxes you and puts you into a mindful space? (Write a list of 50 things you like to do and refer back to them when you need it)  
  • Keep a mood diary and keep track of your thoughts and feelings – be clear of the reasons you’re happy/sad so you know what your motivation and triggers are. 
  • Practice meditation 10/15 minutes a day… 

Physical Wellness

Is the factor that combines all the healthy lifestyle elements like good sleep, a well-balanced and nutritious diet and fitness (daily activities). These are important factors to consider on a daily basis. They too are really important and work well with our emotional wellness too – they’re like a team!  

  • 30 minutes of exercise a day (This could be as minimal as a walk or a home work out on from YouTube!) 
  • Work on having a strong night time and morning routine, make sure you’re getting a substantial amount of sleep each night to enhance productivity and many other health-related benefits.  
  • Keeping an eye on your diet, make sure you’re covering all food groups and eating little and often throughout the day! 

Spiritual Wellness

This is a fun one. This is all about you and your energy (this is important because it’s how it makes you feel and how you make others feel too). Spiritual wellness is a positive guidance and provides you with a personal meaning to life; how you see the world, what you believe and your general purpose.  

  • Practise daily gratitude focus on the things in your life that you’re thankful for and what you want to improve… it doesn’t matter how little it might seem, if it’s important, be thankful for it. 
  • Learn to love and appreciate your alone timeso you can connect with your inner self and your own energy. 

Social Wellness

The one we need and most desire in our lifetime. We thrive off human connection. It doesn’t matter if it’s with your family members, work colleagues or with the waitress that serves your breakfast on the weekend; Social wellness focuses on the best way to communicate and bond.  

  • Work on improving your current relationships: What works well and what doesn’t? What could you do better? 
  • Learn to be more understanding and empathetic of others, don’t judge/blame people. 
  • Appreciate those people close to you and even those who are not! You don’t have to know someone to be a nice person and appreciate them – you simply have to just show your appreciation to those you come across, share a smile & be kind! 

Intellectual Wellness

Is all over personal development and growth. It is essential that we’re always expanding our knowledge and skills throughout our lifetime, not just when we leave school.   

  • Reading/writing/listen to podcasts & audiobooks. The best and most efficient way to nurture your intellectual wellness… 
  • Join in workshops/online courses/groups of interest so you can improve your skills and learn new things – the internet is full of amazing possibilities.  
  • Set yourself weekly challenges, start new hobbies and try new things. 

Occupational Wellness

The balance between your personal life and your work life, making sure you’re happy both ends and not burning out one over the other. It’s not always as easily done but we must try and work towards a healthy balance whilst doing or at least aiming for something we’re passionate for.  

  • Always be open to improve your work life and your personal life, there’s always room for improvement but it also gives us something to work on each day. 
  • Create a vision board so you’re able to visualise your dream life, put it somewhere you can see often and dream big! 
  • Never settle, keep working for what you want the most and take all opportunities – life is too short. 

Environmental Wellness

Last but not least, the factor that creates awareness of your daily habits that affect the space around you. The world you live in and the world we all live in too. 

  • Take responsibility for as much as you can, be aware of what’s happening around you and know what little steps you can take to improve your influence on this planet. 
  • Go paperless with bills, recycle what you can & reduce your use of plastic. 
  • Reuse things in your household, buy stuff second hand and even up-cycle what you have, get creative.  

I hope this has inspired you in some way to think about your personal wellness factors. Have a think about what you do for each one and see where you can implement extra steps to improve your own. We don’t have to do these all at once every single day, that would be a lot! It’s all about being aware of each factor and know when you’re lacking on one, you know what to do.  

During this current pandemic, it’s more than necessary to think about how to look after our physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re satisfied with your own wellbeing, then do what you can to help others.

You can be as productive or as minimalistic as you like, but be good to yourself.

Becky Carver

Becky is a lifestyle & wellness blogger currently living in Sydney on a working holiday visa all the way from Essex. She’s determined to make a positive change one post at a time through her online presence on social media and on her blog. She’s found her passion by reflecting on her own wellness journey and wants to inspire others to start theirs.

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