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30 Oct

Iconic Influencer Halloween Looks For Inspiration

Halloween 2020 is finally here and we’re as ready as ever before. If you’re struggling to find some inspiration for this year’s spooky-season, then we’ve got the article for you.  

I’ve put together some INCREDIBLE influencer Halloween looks, which are guaranteed to inspire you enough to take your 2020 costume to the next level.  

Carli Bybel (@carlibel)

YouTube beauty guru, Carli Bybel never shies away from this spooky holiday season. The water fairy look from 2019 gives off cute, girly vibes whilst still making an effort for Halloween. This is also a costume that could be made at homeSimply buy a silver metallic bikini, I found a cheap option from Miss Guided here. From a local craft shop or fabric store, you could pick up pastel coloured fabric to drape over the bikini and add a little more coverage to the costume. Finally, I found pastel pink roses from HobbyCraft which can be stuck onto the outfit to add the finishing details. With this costume, Carli has done an everyday soft glam makeup look and added face gems to tie in with the theme. If you’re not one for a spooky costume, this could be for you.  

In 2018, Carli came up with a very contrasting look of an Enchantress. This follows the darker side of Halloween but also can be very easily created at home and tailored to anyone wearing it. Grab yourself leather look bralet, black split maxi skirt and some chain necklaces and the outfit (albeit a much simpler version) is complete. For the bruised look, you can use deep purple, brown and black eyeshadows to create these. For the symbols that Carli has all over her body, which is arguably the most significant part of this costume, can be achieved with a felt tip eye liner and a little practice. By using makeup, it means that it will easily come off at the end of the night, ready for the start of November! 

Jamie Genevieve (@jamiegenevieve)

Social media sensation, Jamie Genevieve, has always created bold makeup looks, so Halloween is no exception for her and every year we’re just as excited. Since makeup is her niche, the image on the left encapsulates her style so wellA neon orange and pink skull look created solely using makeup products, which would be easy to create for a makeup addictas it is likely that you would already have the products in your makeup draws to do so! It is also super easy to change up so if neon orange isn’t your colour, you could incorporate a blue. Gel back your hair, encouraging people to focus on your makeup and stick on an all-black outfit or one to match the colour of the skull.  

One of my favourite looks from Jamie is her timeless Jessica Rabbit costume, which she does have a tutorial for on her YouTube if you’re ready to attempt it. This is a super sexy option for Halloweenwhile still being an obvious character which everyone will recognise whilst showcasing her makeup skills. Follow Jamie’s tutorial and get yourself a red bodycon dress and wig and you are good to go. 

Nikkie Tutorials (@nikkietutorials)

The legend that is Nikkie Tutorials is a perfect to follow if you are opting for a more advanced makeup focused Halloween look. On her YouTubeNikkie provides LOADS of makeup looks for you to follow and use as inspiration. If you want a more subtle look for a night out, the picture on the left is perfect, or go all out with a dramatic, gothic skull vibe on the right. The choice is yours and there is plenty to choose from!  

Taylor Ward (@taylorwardx)

Taylor’s costume from last year, a fortune teller, is such a simple but effective outfit and we think it’ll be just as popular in 2020. Grab a black skater dressthigh high boots, and gold accessories and you are already half-way there. Complete the look with metallic face drawings, a fake eye, accessories and white contact lenses. The future is yours baby!  

Lily Hall

I’m Lily, a 21-year-old Fashion Marketing student based in Leeds. My main obsession is fashion, but I also love writing about beauty, skincare and lifestyle too! My favourite things to do are reading and spending time with my dog, boyfriend and family! Make sure to follow my Instagram to see more of me…

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