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I Tried Evening Primrose Oil To Tackle PMS

Evening Primrose Oil a fantastic hormone stabiliser, making it a great natural supplement to tackle PMS symptoms. Here’s my experience of trying it out…

We all know the drill. Every month, those of us blessed with wombs go through the same monotonous, yet somewhat unpredictable, premenstrual symptoms which often result in bloating, acne, and mood swings. While there are plenty of ailments out there that can guarantee to leave everyone around you none the wiser, from industrial strength concealer to shapewear that would make Houdini proud, I was tired of spending so much time trying to cover up my monthly discomforts. Instead I decided to look for a solution that would tackle the root of the problem; my hormones.  

As somebody who has relied on the pill or the implant for years, I was reluctant to switch to a hormone-free contraceptive for many reasons. The coil is invasive, the period-tracking apps require a lot of maintenance, and it had taken me a few years to find a hormonal contraceptive that suited me, so I was reluctant to change. Obviously all of these hormones have some invaluable effects – mainly being, they prevent you from getting pregnant. However, they also fill your body with hormones which can make natural PMS symptoms even worse. So, I set my sights on a natural solution.  

Evening Primrose Oil is made from the seeds of a North American flower, and it is renowned for having powerful healing properties. In the past, it has been used to treat bruises, digestive issues, and sore throats, but recently it has been discovered to be a fantastic hormone stabiliser, and therefore can be a great natural supplement to tackle PMS symptoms.   

I purchased my first bottle of these supplements from Boots. Now, three months later, here is my verdict.  

My Skin

Hormonal acne is something that I’ve struggled with for years, and I have come to accept that no matter how meticulous you are with your diet, skincare routine and water intake, once a month my skin simply has to have a little tantrum. While I’ve made my peace with it, I was pleasantly surprised when after a month of taking my Evening Primrose Oil, I noticed a significant improvement in my complexion.  

While I still got my monthly break out around my chin and jawline, the aggressiveness of this break out reduced dramatically, and cleared up after just a few days. What was most noticeable, was the added moisture I felt in my skin. As someone who suffers from dry skin with a history of dermatitis, I found that I no longer needed my morning serum to hydrate my skin. Instead, a light moisturiser and sunscreen was all I needed to feel hydrated and comfortable.   

Overall, I’d definitely recommend Evening Primrose Oil for anybody who suffers from hormonal acne or eczema.  

My Hair

Perhaps it takes longer than three months to see a visible difference, but when it comes to my hair, I have yet to see any improvement.  

Having said this, I also haven’t noticed any deterioration in my hair at all. When I began taking the supplement, I was concerned that this added oil might cause my hair to become greasy and require more regular washing, but I was pleased to discover that my hair remained pretty much the same.  

Period Pain

The strangest thing to have come out of my experience so far with Evening Primrose Oil is that for the first time in years, a period actually took me by surprise. While normally I’m haunted by the all too familiar cramps, aches, and bloating that take their toll in the days leading up to your period, this time I experienced none of it.  

Although it took me by surprise (and left me a little unprepared) it was incredible to realise that a month had passed without any physical discomfort, and I’m thrilled to report that I have still not experienced any monthly cramps since beginning my journey with Evening Primrose Oil.  

'While normally I’m haunted by the all too familiar cramps, aches, and bloating that take their toll in the days leading up to your period, this time I experienced none of it'

Mood Swings

And now for the all-important question – do I feel better in myself? Overall, it’s got to be a yes. While my emotional symptoms haven’t completely vanished as the pains and aches have, they have significantly improved. I feel that I have less anxiety throughout the month, I have been less irritable and generally found it easier to practice mindfulness day to day, which is a great result. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect, or perhaps it really is a little bottle of magic, but either way I’d strongly recommend this supplement to anyone who strongly feels mood swings on a monthly basis.  

Of course, I’m just one woman, with one cycle and one experience. Everyone’s relationship with their monthly cycle is drastically different, and everyone should rely on what feels best in their own body, rather than what works for other people. But figuring that out is a long and often complicated journey, and if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms that I have mentioned above, I’d really recommend that you open yourself up to the benefits of Evening Primrose Oil.  


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