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How To Reconnect In 2021

If you feel like the events of 2020 have caused you to feel disconnected from yourself and the ones around you, try taking these small steps in January to help you repair those bonds. 

There was a recurring feeling that lingered in the air throughout 2020. It’s evident in every courteous work email from your boss, and it appears in every emotional phone call from your closest friend. And, in our own quiet moments this year, we’ve probably been faced with this feeling ourselves.  


It’s a feeling of being disconnected. You might know it as a symptom of working from home, a side effect of being unable to see friends, or an unwelcome new dimension to your romantic relationship. And, like many of us, you might be feeling it towards yourself.  


The fact is, at the moment, we don’t know when salvation will come or what in form it will take. We can hope for the best, but the truth is, we’ve needed the New Year more than ever. Because, despite how much 2020 has upturned our lives, the New Year still represents what has always done; change.  


If you feel like the events of 2020 have caused you to feel disconnected from yourself and the ones around you, try taking these small steps in January to help you repair those bonds. 

Integrate small pleasures into every day

For me, moving into the New Year is a time for me to accept that life shouldn’t be spent waiting for the things that I used to enjoy to come back to me. I can’t waste my time waiting for a ‘normality’ I once knew to return. Instead, we need to identify what makes us happy in our new, post-2020 realities. I find pleasure in my morning workouts, endless walks with friends and my skincare routine. They may be less glamorous in contrast to how I used to spend my time in a pre-pandemic world, but these pleasures are consistent, reliable, and I sleep well at night knowing that no global disaster can take them away from me.  


Sure, maybe one day I’ll be able to once again befriend a foreign exchange student in a queue at Starbucks, and I won’t wince at the sight of the barista touching the lid to my latte, but until then, these simple pleasures will keep me connected to myself. 

Marie Kondo your home

Unless you were living under a rock for the past two years, you’ll already know what I mean by this. In a time where we need to remember more than ever what brings us joy and what we can live without, Marie Kondo’s simple yet effective exercises to decluttering and cleansing your home should be treated as bible. Get your hands on a copy of her bestselling book here and get ready to transform your space.  

Try doing just one new thing - and stick to it

Just because we can’t venture outside to new places and meet new people as much as we once could, it does not remove our ability to discover new things to enjoy. Treat this New Year like you would any other, and take up a new resolution, a new diet, or a new exercise regime and actually try to stick to it. My goal last year was to resist buying from any fast fashion company and if it hadn’t been for my urgent need for a fluffy lounge set to survive lockdown, I would have succeeded. Regardless, I still feel that I am a better person than the year before for cutting down on a bad habit and I can’t recommend it enough.  

Make amends

Relationships have suffered this year on a global scale, from our relationship with our postman who we now spray at with a bottle of disinfectant, to the relationships we have with the people we share our home with. While it’s important to rebuild your sense of self after such a disruptive year, a lot us have some reaching out to do. Whether it’s a relative who you’ve been forgetting to call, a friend who you forgot to invite to your weekly Zoom quiz, or a partner who you feel has been taking the brunt of your lockdown anxiety, take the time to check in with them and let them know they’re appreciated.  


However you choose to welcome in the New Year, have faith in what small but significant changes can bring to your life.  


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