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How to Picnic Like a Pro

As Brits, al-fresco dining is not a luxury that any of get to indulge in often – thanks to the miserable rain and persistent clouds that dominate our country. So, when the sun finally appears after months of hiding, the only thing to do is to decanter the fridge into a wicker basket and head to the nearest park!  

However, there are certain things that can truly elevate a British picnic from a tasty basket of nibbles to a luxurious celebration! Quick, affordable, but so worth the effort – follow our simple steps to prepare the perfect picnic this summer.  

Invest in the hardware

If you’re serious about picnicking this summer, then it might be worth splashing out on some reusable and elegant accessories to elevate your picnic display. Starting with how you transport your delicious treats – a wicker basket is an absolute must. Not only is it adorably quaint, but it’s also very efficient, sturdy, and can double as a chic shopping bag.  

Once you’ve secured the basket, the rest is up to you. Glass goblets, a machine-washable picnic blanket, rattan placemats, painted plates and even a foldable picnic table will all work to transform your outdoor snack to an al-fresco feast. Not only is it a stylish way to picnic, it is also a sustainable way to avoid single-use, disposable picnic crockery such as plastic cups and paper plates.  

Don’t underestimate the view

Of course, the key to a great picnic is all about the company, but don’t forget about what everyone is going to be looking at! A smelly portaloo or factory fumes can spoil even the most delicious of picnics. Think ahead and scout out the perfect location for your picnic – whether that’s in the sand dunes of a beach, under the shady tree of your favourite park, or next to a peaceful lake – the setting must be as breathtaking as the food.  


Make it an occasion

Sure, the chances are that you’re having a picnic in the warmer months – but when exactly are you having this picnic? For Easter? A birthday? An engagement? Think about the circumstances and curate a colour scheme around this occasion. From the colour of the napkins to the decorations on the cake, there are plenty of tiny ways that you can incorporate hidden details into your picnic.  


Send out invitations!

If you, like the rest of us, have been relishing the newest season of Bridgerton then embrace your inner “Lady of the House” and send out formal invitations for your picnic. Not only will this set the tone to remind your guests that this is no ordinary picnic, but a posh picnic, it will also bring a sense of occasion to the whole event.  

Whether you send out invitations online, or used a personalised e-invite, asking for an RSVP to the picnic will help you to anticipate how many people will be attending, and therefore how much food you need to prepare.

Less is more

Finally, our best piece of advice is to remember that less is more. Try to plan ahead and write out how much food you will need to cater for your guests, to avoid overspending and overcooking at the last minute. You might be tempted to prepare every single tasty snack under the sun – but your guests will appreciate the smaller details far more than the quantity of what is on offer.  

Write yourself a set menu that will cater for all of your guests’ diets, and stick to it. Take the time to take extra care when preparing the food, such as decorating the cupcakes or pre-mixing the cocktails.  

Be sure to share any pictures of your posh picnic on social media, and tag us! @cohortedcommunications


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