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How To Establish A Positive Work Life Balance

To establish a positive work/life balance, it’s important to understand that the two aren’t polar opposites. For you to achieve overall happiness and wellbeing, your work and personal life are to co-exist in a way that suits you. This is the balance.  

There are no set rules for how this works. How can there be when we are all so different from one another? Every lifestyle and every working day will never be the same for 2 people. 

Establishing a work/life balance is personal to you. For some, work is life and life is just not about work. When you’re passionate and in your ‘calling’, why wouldn’t you want to show your dedication to it? We can often be made to feel guilty about working a lot or spending time doing things that others might not understand. Always remember this life is for you, it’s for you to shape exactly how you please.  


A healthy work/life balance is when you are living in perfect alignment with a life you desire. By doing what YOU value. Making time for the things YOU love and that bring you joy. It boils down to self-awareness and knowing how to own all of the above in your own life. You’ll know exactly what you want and don’t want, whilst clearly setting your boundaries.


An unhealthy work/life balance is having no time for yourself, constantly feeling drained, overwhelmed, and stressed. Consistently doing things you really don’t want to do. It may even result in you despising your job or not finding any happiness in your day-to-day life. 

As we are more connected to technology it is growing difficult to separate our personal and work lives from one another. Whilst we work, we are distracted with the outside world and when we’re at home we can often get caught up doing unnecessary overtime. Especially now most of us are still working from home and have been for quite some time now. The hours blend into one and personal and work life merge into each other.  

To improve or establish a positive work/life balance, there are a few factors you need to consider. 

'Whilst we work, we are distracted with the outside world and when we're at home we can often get caught up doing unnecessary overtime.'

Knowing your Boundaries.

Setting boundaries, communicating them and adhering to them yourself. With boundaries you are setting the tone for what you will and will not allow. You are drawing the line between your personal life and work. These will rarely be the same as each day may be different to others, you might want to prioritise different things or have a much busier social calendar than usual.

Evaluate what's important to you.

You won’t really know how to set boundaries unless you take time to think about what you value or what you would like to. When you think about the life you want to live and what that’s made up of, you’ll have much more awareness and know how to control what you take on. 

Make your life visual with a diary.

Using a diary (digital or physical) is the best way to establish a healthy work/life balance. Making sure you’re scheduling time for all the things you’d like, often. Arranging a date night every 2 weeks. Managing time to see family/friends. Blocking out parts of the week for yourself. Time to work on your passion project or even just to exercise and move your body. When you can see you’ve carved the time for yourself, it will be much more encouraging for you to focus on the current thing and say yes/no to anything that’s already in place. Being organised is key.

Remember, achieving a work/life balance is about claiming the control. It’s not something you achieve one time and one time only, it’s an on-going process throughout your life, it’s all part of the journey and will change with you as you grow into life. 


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