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14 Sep

How To Create An Inspiring Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a huge home trend right now, but there is a difference between a gallery wall that just ‘looks good’ and one that allows people to hover beneath it and take it the art.  

You don’t necessarily have to class yourself as a home interior creative or an art enthusiast to appreciate a good gallery wall. They just work so well when it comes to adding life and colour into a room, as well as creating a theme or showing off the personality of the homeowner.  

A great place to start for gallery wall inspiration is to visit Pinterest and Instagram, searching for key words and hashtags around #gallerywallinspo #gallerywallideas #wallframelayout – or whatever you wish to starting searching for. However, it can be a little overwhelming if you haven’t sat down and brainstormed the type of gallery wall you wish to create.  


Do you want it to be an eclectic mix of art you enjoy? How about a more personal blend of your favourite places, postcards and memories?  


The possibilities can be endless; therefore, we’ve put together some tips below on how to get started with designing your own gallery wall and what to consider before you start hammering in those nails to the wall!  

Stick to a strong colour theme

The colour of the wall itself is one of the most important starting points. Colour plays a huge role when it comes to home design, and by carefully considering the shades and tones of your gallery wall, it will give you a realistic idea of how you will feel when you look at it.  

Black or white simplistic frames with line art, quotes or black and white photography is vert minimalistic and modern, which can add a luxury feel to your home. Wooden or metallic frames in an array of different shapes and sizes, filled with your favourite prints, inspirational shots and personal pictures gives much more of a snapshot into your life. It makes it personal and quite ‘homely’. The mismatch of colours with the wood or metallic frames can also add to that vintage feel.  

Silver or gold frames can look fairly classic and work especially well when filled with precious images, like a wedding photo, a black and white photo of a missed relative, or an arty shot of a holiday home or beach front.  

Work to a central concept 

Wall art displays that work around a central concept always seem to look that more put together and ‘tighter’, like there is a method behind the order. The ideal gallery wall should look either sophisticated and well thought out, or look like it is meant to tell a journey of your mind, with a mismatch of your favourite images. Make sure you nail down which theme you wish to go first, before you start! 

Remember you can still opt for a neutral colour palette, yet it’s what features inside the frames that makes the wall stand out and become a feature in itself. If you include a range of sketches and drawings, instantly the wall resembles an arty vibe and looks relaxing, resembling talent and fine art. Animal prints, photographs and painting with wildlife or trees gives a nod to the great outdoors. Keeping the prints grouped to a theme will make the wall look streamlined and neat, which is ideal and something you should aim to create with yours.  

Pinpoint a central point to the wall, which you can do be either measuring accurately, or identifying a spot you wish to sit as the focus point. Work your frames around this point, figuring out what the central artwork piece will be and ensuring all frames sit straight edged and in place around it. There are some handy guides online about where to start with this if you’re unsure!  

Be creative with levels 

With gallery walls, not every print has to be an image. It can be words, photos, or colour blocks. And in the same way as this, not every piece has to sit in line with another. Play around with levels, have some fun, use the wall you have and decide whether you want to create a tighter, impacted burst of frames and prints in the center of the wall. Otherwise, if you may want to create a moving eye journey, with prints spaced out across different levels.  

If you have a mantel piece or a cupboard leaning on the same wall, try placing some of the frames to the lower level of the furniture, so it looks like they are resting upon it. It’s a great way to play with depth and levels, using the space you have to see what works and what doesn’t.  

Consider different finishes 

Some of us aren’t that lucky – we don’t have plain, blank canvas walls to begin with. In some homes, we have things like wall-mounted televisions, cable boxes and wires fixed upon walls or hanging down and building your own gallery wall around it can be a task.  

If you have various dimensions and items to work around, you can turn this into a positive by playing on the different levels and bringing in an array of finishes. Yes, it will mean you could have to lean towards a more eclectic style, but you still have full reign of what you choose to feature.  

Look at using floating shelves which can feature candles and small decorative vases positioned on them, or a variety of books which represent the themes and topics of your gallery wall or room.  

If eclectic happens to be your taste anyway, think about mixing in those rustic elements like vintage feel wooden frames, pressed flower prints and old mirrors into an arrangement. Remember that mirrors can certainly be used as part of your gallery wall, reflecting natural light and bringing in the added benefit of making the room look slightly larger due to the reflections.  

Don’t be afraid to mix finishes, materials, textures and objects to create a gallery wall that shows off the theme of your home and your personal loves. 

Overall, let it reflect your style 

Some people don’t even focus their gallery wall on paintings and photos – they use objects which mean something to them. For example, they mount old typewriters and computer parts to the wall, and others a vintage collection of serving trays or old posters from the war days. You can literally create a gallery wall from anything you desire, as long as you feel happy with it and it resonates with you and your interests.  

Remember that the key to planning your next wall-based masterpiece successfully is to always take that time at the beginning to brainstorm ideas and think outside the box. You may be totally amazed by what you come up with 

Emma Campbell
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