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Why House Plants Are Good For Your Mental And Physical Health

House plants have been proven to be very beneficial for your mental and physical health, and here are just a few reasons why…

House plants have been growing in popularity all over the internet and in cool edgy stores for years now, but although many people have jumped on the trend and are becoming plant parents, not everyone is aware of the benefits they bring besides looking good in your home. House plants have been proven to be very beneficial for your mental and physical health, and here are just a few reasons why… 


It is a well-known fact that spending time in nature and the outdoors is a great way to clear your head and alleviate stress. So why not bring nature into your indoor space too? Surrounding yourself with plants indoors will have the same positive impact on your well-being, as well as triggering a response in your brain similar to when you spend time outdoors. House plants can heighten levels of happiness by increasing serotonin release. Also known as the ‘happy hormone’, serotonin is a great way to lift your mood in a natural way.   


House plants can freshen the air that we inhale through their natural process of releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. To put this into perspective, research has concluded that rooms with house plants contain up to 60% less airborne bacteria than those without any greenery. Another way plants are known to clear the air within our homes is by increasing humidity. Outdoor plants soak up water which then evaporates through the leaves – this can also occur indoors! A room full of house plants leads to a less dry environment and decreases the risk of illnesses such as colds and sore throats. 


Nothing feels better than feeling content in the space you live in. House plants are a great way to make any room that little bit closer to nature, whilst adding some life and colour. With so many gorgeous interior pieces such as abstract and hanging vases, you can really take your plant game to the next level and you’ll soon be living in your own jungle. 


Looking after plants can be therapeutic for many people – they really do make you happy. Ensuring they are in the correct environment to grow, providing them with the right nutrients and then seeing them gradually grow bigger and sprout new shoots can bring a rewarding and positive feeling. It shows you’re doing a great job at caring for your plant and that you are being an amazing plant parent. 

Overall, bringing in house plants can instantly brighten up any space. There are no limits as to where a plant can live: bedroom, bathroom, living room… the possibilities are endless. Although it is important to ensure the plant is in an environment it will thrive in (some need more/less light and water than others) many plants are easy to care for and can be guaranteed to bring some happiness into your life. 


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