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The Rise In Holistic Beauty with Holistic Silk

Specialising in creating beautiful and therapeutic wellness, relaxation and effective beauty tools, Holistic Silk understand the importance of long-lasting products.

BRAND COLLABORATION: Created in partnership with Holistic Silk.

Beauty-from-within is an ever-growing trend as brands begin to focus more on a holistic way of beauty. Consumers are more conscious of ‘clean’ beauty and are more aware of the benefits it can have on your wellbeing. Focusing on long-term wellness in beauty is just the start, as millennials begin to influence others to adopt these lifestyle habits. The shift in thinking when it comes to product consumption is much more conscious and ethical than ever before.

The conversation around wellness products is gaining momentum and more brands are approaching these concepts in the beauty industry. Holistic Silk are a niche English brand with a global presence. Specialising in creating beautiful and therapeutic wellness, relaxation and effective beauty tools, they understand the importance of long-lasting products.

Creating wellness accessories for sleep, beauty and relaxation, there really is a little something for everyone. With wellbeing at the core of the brand, all products are curated with the same thing in mind: make long lasting products that are proven to work.

This stylish, easy to wear Silk Hair Turban is a great place to start. Wrapping and protecting the hair as you sleep, the material naturally controls hair hydration, causing less frizz, snagging and split ends in your sleep. Made fairly with 100% pure Mulberry Silk, you’ll soon find yourself relaxing and letting your hair luxuriate.

Used to stimulate circulation and acupressure points, this Chi Roller leaves the skin and facial muscles toned and puff free. Known to help relieve stress, tension and soothe your mind, incorporate this massage roller into your everyday skincare routine. Use with moisturiser, facial oils or nothing at all, use the large roller for the jaw line, neck, forehead and cheeks, whilst the smaller one for eye contours, upper lip and nose.

With different crystals to choose from, you’re able to select the right one for you, depending on their healing properties. The Aventurine crystal roller helps aid relaxation, calm anxiety and encourage healing.

Until you try for yourself, you’ll never fully understand the benefits of silk. You’ll soon start to feel and see the difference that a super smooth and friction free silk sleep can bring to your hair and skin. The 100% Pure Mulberry Silk is known to help the skin to retain its natural moisture and face cream, while deterring facial creasing. Don’t you worry, both products are also machine washable at 30º.

Silk Eye Mask

Unlike other eye masks, the Holistic Silk Eye Mask blocks out all light, to give you the best nights sleep. Filled with real lavender, the soothing scent helps you relax and wind down.


Silk Pillowcase

Designed to reduce overnight skin damage and minimise frizz, this super silk pillowcase is beautifully constructed with a unique secure no gape closure and fully piped French seams.

Through reprocessing and filtering, water often loses some of its natural curative properties. Adding Gem Crystals can instil a positive energetic structure, which can include softening it as well as making it taste fresher. The natural beauty of Gem Water Crystals also encourages you to drink more – for me, this is a huge bonus! With different crystals for different focuses, you really can learn to find Harmony, Balance, Glow or Clarity.

The Magic Clarity water bottle includes Amethyst & Rock Gem Crystals. Amethyst is associated with awareness, a sense of justice and inner peace and Rock Crystal is an all-round hydrator, known for amplifying the action of other gemstones. Amethyst has a strong and still energy and on a physical level it is believed to protect the brain, nerves and skin; relieve pain, swelling and bruising to help relax tension.

To find out more about Holistic Silks’ storyphilosophy and how their products are made, head over to www.holisticsilk.com.


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