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Healthy Lunch Ideas

Stuck in a lunch rut? If you are anything like me, lunch time rolls around and you are stood staring at the inside of the fridge feeling so uninspired and clueless on what to rustle up.

Buddha Bowl for Healthy Lunch

Halfway through your busy day and you feel like you have no energy to make something tasty and nutritious? Or you are stuck for inspiration outside of your basic daily sandwich? Do not fear, the below recipes are so simple, healthy and quick to make! This means you can throw a plate of food together when you have a spare minute, in the morning before heading to work or at lunchtime in the comfort of your own home.

Tuna Soft Tacos

Firstly, mix up a can of tuna with a tablespoon of low-fat mayonnaise with a handful of diced pepper, red onion and sweetcorn. Add a splash of vinegar if you have any and mix till it forms a nice tuna crunch mixture.  

Next, cut a tomato into small pieces and slice a cucumber into halves. Next, wash and rip up some lettuce or spinach, whatever green leaves you have hanging about really! Grab your soft tacos- I love the Old El Paso Soft Flour Tortillas, but any will work great– to start assembling. Start with the lettuce, then the tomatoes and cucumbers and top with your tuna mixture, if you wish sprinkle some grated cheese on the top! 

Pop into the oven on a low heat for around 5 minutes, until the soft tacos start to turn golden and crisp and the cheese is melting.  

Finish with a nice sauce, weather that is sweet chilli or some siracha. Enjoy this healthy and quick lunch that uses all five of your 5-a-day! 

Pizza Wrap

This one is a great one for using all the leftovers, you can literally chuck anything on there and it still tastes fab! This one you can make as healthy or as indulgent as you desire on that day. Firstly, preheat the oven to around 200°C and grab whatever type of wrap you have! 

Choose what pizza base you want, tomato purée, passata, pesto, siracha or tomato ketchup!? They all work great; I personally love half a tablespoon of tomato purée and pesto mixed together. Spread your desired base all over your wrap.  

Now onto toppings, grab some cheese, whatever type is chilling in your fridge and create a thin layer on your wrap base. Then use your leftover veg and meat for the rest of the toppingsparma ham or leftover chicken with red onion, mushroom, sweetcorn and spinach is a firm favourite of mine. 

Pop it into the oven for roughly 5 minutes, until the wrap starts to golden and the cheese has melted to your liking.  

Cut into slices and enjoy this comforting lunch that honestly feels like you’re indulging into a pizza! 

Egg and Bacon on Sourdough

If you have attempted baking your own sourdough loaf in the past year, this could be the one for you! And if notno worries, it is a delicious healthy spin on the classic eggs and bacon! 

Start by slicing your sourdough loaf into two even slices and pop it in the toaster or grill. Next, add an optional teaspoon of oil into the pan to start cooking your bacon on a medium high heat until crispy. Quick tip if you want to make this lunch as healthy as possible, use turkey bacon- they only have 30 calories per rasher! Set aside the bacon on a paper towel to drain and start on the eggs.  

This up to you, scrambled, poached, boiled, fried? In a separate pan start on your eggs. The beauty of this lunch is the versatility of it, and it allows you to add in whatever greens you have left, why not mix some spinach into your scrambled eggs, spread the sourdough with some avocado or do some sautéed mushrooms on the side. 

Now it’s time to assemble the open sandwich, place your sourdough toast down and top with the avocado, the egg of your choice and top with the bacon. Lastly, enjoy this guilt-free eggs and bacon.  

Inspired by Gordon Ramsey. 

Stuffed Peppers

With stuffed peppers you can choose any filling you want- it is a really quick and easy way of consuming a lot of veg! Chopped tomatoes, rice, couscous, onion, mushroom and salad all make great fillings. You can also stuff the peppers with left over dinners such as a chilli or bolognaise mince making it even quicker and more filling 

It is so easy, cut the top and insides of the pepper and load in the fillings of your choice. I love the combination of cous cous, tomatoes, red onion and mushroom with a sprinkle of cheese. Pop in the oven for around 10-15 minutes and serve with some salad.  

Voila, as easy as that! 

Buddha Bowl

You might have heard of grain bowls, nourish bowls, macro bowls or even hippie bowls- but the general concept is that they are a completely balanced, usually plant-based meal in a bowl! The Buddha bowl has six components of things we usually all have in our fridge or cupboard: greens, protein source, grains, healthy carbs, healthy fats and additional extras.  

Start by picking a leafy green for your bowl. I love using iceberg lettuce, but kale, spinach or romaine all work great too.  

Pick some protein to pop in. Buddha bowls are great if you are on a plant-based diet as you can use chickpeas, falafel or crispy tofu, but if you are a meat-eater it is great in allowing you to use any leftovers that you may have such as chicken, salmon or prawns. 

Buddha Bowl for Healthy Lunch

To make the bowl a lot more filling some grains are needed, look in your store cupboard and see what you have in. You can use quinoa, rice, bulger, farro or cous cousso there really is no excuses!  

Now pick a healthy carb to add to mix. Sliced apple and halved grapes are surprising tasty in a Buddha bowl and add some diverse nutrients. You can choose any carb of your choice depending on how healthy you want your lunch to be so do not feel restricted.  

To round the bowl out some fat is needed, but healthy fat of course! I love adding some avocado to mine- nuts and seeds work equally as good.  This makes the meal super satisfying and keeps you ticking over until your late afternoon snack.  

Finally, to finish the bowl throw in some extras of your choice! Weather that be some feta cheese, a dollop of hummus or pesto, some crispy onions or a drizzle of your favourite salad dressing, the options are endless!  

Tuck into an incredibly easy but nutritional lunch that consists of everything and anything you already have in your kitchen! 

Inspired by LiveEatLearn 


Hungry yet?! Enjoy these quick and healthy lunch ideas that will hopefully result in you never staring aimlessly into the fridge again! 


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