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Gifting Flowers This Valentine’s

This Valentine’s Day, give your significant other, friends and/or family members the gift of a beautiful bouquet of flowers with their own individual meaning

For centuries flowers have symbolised fertility, love, marriage and romance. As humans we have associated fertility with agriculture, thus flowers becoming the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift of choice. The history of gifting your loved one’s flowers on Valentine’s Day came from an old-fashioned custom introduced in the 18th Century by Charles II of Sweden. The bouquets were to pass on non-verbal messages as each flower has a specific meaning affiliated with it; making it possible to have entire conversations only through the use of flowers. Romantic right?! 

This Valentine’s Day, give your significant other, friends and/or family members the gift of a beautiful bouquet of flowers with their own individual meaningThis array of different styles, sizes and colours are perfect for Valentine’s Day and any other special occasion. 


Vintage bouquets are extremely romantic. They are the refined version of rustic flowers, including classic flowers in soft pastel tones with a faded look, giving the bouquet a sweet and nostalgic aesthetic. These floral arrangements are typically composed of scented stock, peonies, carnations, snapdragons and heirloom roses, to name a few. Carnations convey love and admiration, peonies represent a grand romantic gesture, and heirloom roses also known as “antique” symbolise charm and romance. 

Boxed Up

Flowers in a box are the newest and most modern way to gift flowers. They are not only an elegant way to express your affection, they are also incredibly aesthetic. They are typically composed of roses (with the colour of your choice) but you can also find other flower variations if you know your significant other prefers tulips or lisianthus’.  


Tropical bouquets are a beautiful and vibrant option for your partner. Tropical flowers come in breath-taking varieties. Many are fragrant, geometrically gorgeous, and modern in design. They bring the warmth and beauty of a tropical sunset into your home. These flowers include any flowers that are native to the tropics: from Hawaiian flowers to those that grow in the Amazon Basin, to the Congo and Indonesia. Meanings vary among the numerous varieties of tropical flowers. Orchids represent luxury and rare beauty, and proteas symbolize diversity and courage. Birds of paradise convey joyfulness, while anthuriums send a message of hospitality. But from the sturdy kangaroo paw and tropical bromeliad to the delicate orchid, all tropical flowers share a unique quality – an uncommon, striking spirit that reflects a sense of adventure and singular brilliance. 

The Classic

Unsurprisingly, roses are the ultimate go to for Valentine’s Day floral arrangements. Roses are associated with the goddess of love, conveying romance, passion and beauty. Every colour has a distinct meaning, red – symbolizes love, pink – represents admiration, yellow – shows friendship, purple – depicts passion. There are more than 150 varieties of roses so if these colours are not the one, there are plenty to choose from.  


Orchids are the most gorgeous and elegant choice of all as they represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. However, make sure that you choose the right colour. Yellow orchids symbolize friendship, purple symbolizes admiration and respectand white orchids symbolize purity and elegance.  


Whilst flowers are a timeless symbol of love and affection, many people may agree that an arrangement of vibrant flowers is a bit cliché, especially if you’re wanting to impress someone, therefore you can opt for an alternative floral bouquet. These usually entitle edible products like chocolates, gin, candy and many other options. This alternative bouquet is perfect for those who don’t necessarily find flowers romantic and want to give something a little more fun to their other half. 

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