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How To Get Organised In 2022

Without a doubt we have all been looking forward to leaving 2021 behind…

So many history making moments have happened alongside the global pandemic, but the way we were able to deal with it all came down to organising our lives properly whilst balancing working from home or searching for new jobs, making time to exercise and still do the things you love. 2022 is the year to pursue your dreams, goals and aspirations. Life is short so here are the best tips to help us get organised and increase our productivity this year.  

The Planner

A planner is the best way to schedule your day, events, errands and tasks and seeing it displayed in an organised and tailored way. These are some of the best brands with the highest quality planners, journals and agendas:  

CGD London Getting Stuff Done Planner

Papier Joy 2022 Diary

LUX PRO Classic Planner (Pink)

Paperchase Inky Dot Diary


Cath Kidston Bee 2022 Diary


Anthropologie MOD 2022 Planner


APP-ly It

Awesome Note (iOS): 

This “all-in-one” organiser app has a distinctive user-friendly design that makes it easy to use, it’s customisable and has a brightattention grabbing aesthetic.  

Timeful (iOS): 

Do you ever feel like you want to accomplish more with your day than physically possible? Then this is the app for you! Timeful works as an “intelligent time assistant” which organises all the want-to-do and must-do items in your day/week to maximise your time to the fullest and create the most efficient schedule.  

Newton Mail (iOS & Android):

Awarded the Webby award for visual design, this app syncs all your different email platforms (across all devices), edits through it to provide you with an easy-to-read format and creates a distinctive algorithm to prevent you from scrolling for hours to find a specific email.  

Shoeboxed (iOS & Android): 

Personal budgeting is key when trying to keep organised. Shoebox is an app that scans your paper receiptsdigitizes them and tracks your expenses, making it simple to know where you’re spending your money without having to store months’ worth of receipts.  

CamScanner (iOS & Android): 

This app turns your phone into a portable document scanner and OCR tool. It converts photos of documents, passports and even reports into PDF and JPD formats allowing you to send, share and store them without the need of a printer or a photocopier. 

Organised Space

Desk organisers and drawer organisers can be key to optimizing your productivity and organisational skills. They allow you to keep a clean desk area (especially when working from home) and it makes it a hundred times easier to find that pen or highlighter that would usually end up in the back of a drawer somewhere. Opt for minimal colours (black, grey, white) or clear desk and drawer organisers to give the work space a clean and coordinated feel.  

Oliver Bonas Maka Gold & Glass Organiser

Martha Brook Gold Wire Organiser

H&M Clear Glass Organiser

Be Realistic

Don’t Stress too much. We all have ideas, goals and resolutions that we would like to achieve within the first couple of months of the new year, however, we need to be realistic of our expectations. Don’t shorten the time to do something in hopes that you’ll get it done before a deadline, be mindful that life gets in the way and, for example those extra Christmas pounds that you wanted to lose in a couple of weeks may just take a little longer, nothing wrong with that. This doesn’t mean you won’t get things done, it just means you’re working at a pace that works best for you and your lifestyle. And don’t forget to make time for the things that make you happy. 


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