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Foodie Heaven: Put These Food Experiences On Your Bucket List

Love food? Love travel and experiences? Mix the two together, and it’s the perfect way to satisfy your love for both! You’ll be surprised at how many unique food-related experiences there are to enjoy, both locally and far away.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty experience or you want to surprise someone you love with a bucket-list food-related event, here are some of our favourite food/travel experiences you should do at least once in your lifetime!  

Go On a Food Tour

They say the best way to get a feel for the real personality of a town or city is to sample the local cuisine, and we couldn’t agree more! One of the best things about choosing a food tour is how accessible they are—you can take a food tour in most countries if you’re travelling overseas, but you can also take one nearby and discover hidden local gems that you never knew existed!  

You won’t just get to try delicious cuisine, either. Many food tours include a bit of sightseeing as you move from place to place, and in many cases, you’ll also learn a bit of a history about both the area and the local dishes.  

If you’ve got a preference for a certain type of food experience, you can usually find a tour to suit you. For example, with a bit of searching, you can easily find food tours that go to local bakeries, hidden gem restaurants, pubs, vegetarian/vegan places, or local fresh food markets.  

Attend a Food Festival

Food festivals are days-long food fiestas! You can find a ton of different themed food festivals across the country (and the world), so whatever your taste, there’ll be something to enjoy. Some festivals are fairly straightforward: a bunch of food stalls, pop-up restaurants, or food trucks for you to explore and experience.  

Others, though, can get quite detailed. Live music, art exhibitions, food-related talks, live chef demonstrations, cooking classes, rides, and even eating competitions might be found at bigger food festivals.  

If you have a big love for one particular food, you’ll probably also be able to find a festival dedicated to that specific item, like the Watercress Festival or Wingfest! And if you want something vast and interesting, festivals like the National Geographic Traveller Food Festival bring dishes from all over the world to one event so you can travel the globe with your tastebuds!  

Indulge In an Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea may be a very British thing, but going out for an afternoon tea experience is something many people haven’t tried yet! Your options range from faaaancy to plain, which is great because if you love this experience, you can do it again and again and never have the same afternoon tea twice!  

For a more affordable experience, you can partake in a more traditional afternoon tea of scones with jam and cream, sandwiches, and cake. If you’re in the mood for something a little more elegant, interesting, or unique, you can find any number of themed afternoon tea experiences.  

This is a quicker experience than a food tour or festival, but it’s worth doing if you have just a  few hours rather than a full day.  

Explore Vibrant Street Food Markets

Street food markets are exciting and exotic in foreign countries, and they’re the best way to experience the true local food offerings! They’re usually filled with local people who cook and sell their native food for a living, so if you really want to immerse yourself in the culture, this is the way to do it.  

Street food is usually cheap and easy, so this is a fun and affordable food experience that everyone should try. There’s also usually a bunch of interesting stuff to see, so be prepared to spend at least a few hours here!  

If you aren’t travelling to a different country any time soon, you can find plenty of local street food markets right in the UK. No need to go far to find an exciting taste experience!  

Visit Farmers’ Markets

There’s nothing like buying fresh produce straight from a farmers’ market. This is as fresh as you can get! You can find seasonal fruits and veggies, organic produce, cheeses, charcuterie, pickled vegetables, baked goods, homemade preserves, and even craft beer!  

They’re usually held outdoors, so you can get some sunshine and fresh air while you do your fresh shopping. You may also find arts, crafts, jewellery, and other hand-made items, so take a few hours to stroll around a farmers’ market and enjoy the atmosphere!  


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