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5 Key Eating Habits From A Nutritionist

A large focus point in todays society is what we should or should not be eating, but solely focusing on this makes it difficult to improve nutrition for the long term. Instead, implement these five key eating habits to get you in the zone to feel and look your best, for life!

collage of healthy foods and drink

Keep things balanced

There is a lot of information (or rather misinformation) out there that makes you feel like in order to be healthy, you need to cut out a certain food. For example: carbs are bad, eat high protein, fat is too high in calories, the list goes on… However, cutting out a food group or a certain food isn’t necessary or sustainable – it’s more than likely going to make you feel restricted, miserable and reaching for more of the food than you were before! Instead, aim for balance by filling your plate with a variety of whole foods and allowing yourself some treats, no food is off limits!

Keep your fibre intake high

Fibre is our best friend. It feeds our gut good bacteria, meaning it contributes towards a healthy digestive system. With more and more evidence emerging about how key gut health is for our overall health, we want to keep it happy! Foods high in fibre are vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds. These high fibre foods are also bursting with other nutrients required by our bodies, so loading up on them provides us with a whole host of benefits.

Drink your water

A simple tip that makes a big difference, and although you have probably heard it before do you do it? Our bodies are made up of two thirds water therefore it is key that we stay hydrated. Dehydration reduces cognitive performance such as mood and memory, along with physical performance such as reduced endurance and fatigue! Aim to drink a minimum of 1.5 – 2 litres of water every day. A good habit to get into is to drink around 500ml when you first wake up and carry a reusable bottle around with you so you don’t forget to drink. This sets you up to hit your water intake and using reusable bottles is beneficial for the environment.

'Aim for balance by filling your plate with a variety of whole foods and allowing yourself some treats, no food is off limits!'

Be prepared

Ok so you will have heard this a million times but “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. This phrase applies to a number of different situations, but in terms of health and nutrition you want to make sure you are prepared to eat healthy! Stock up on healthy food in your food shop by deciding on a few meals you can eat throughout the week and create a shopping list accordingly. Then allocate some time to batch cook meals for the fridge and/or freezer that you can grab so you always have a healthy option on hand.

Eat mindfully

Mindfulness, a term that is now embedded in our daily conversations. It’s the idea that we should be present, paying attention to what we are doing in that moment. As we are increasingly busy, paying full attention to our plates has taken a back seat. We now reply to emails, scroll through social media or munch on the go whilst we consume our food. Taking a step back and aiming to fully focus on the food in front of you will have a positive effect on your relationship with food, which is shown to promote a healthy weight and body positivity.


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