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5 Aug

Five Fantastic New Books to Read This Summer

Are you looking for a little bit of escapism from real life this Summer? We don’t blame you! Here are five fantastic new books to read over the (hopefully) warmer months, which will give you that little bit of escapism you need…

The Lion’s Den by Katherine St. John 

The perfect way to transport yourself to warmer climates, The Lion’s Den takes us on a dream holiday but with a deadly secret and it is definitely one of my favourite books of 2020 so far. 
‘When Belle is invited by her old friend, Summer, on a luxurious girls’ getaway to the Mediterranean, boarding her billionaire boyfriend’s yacht, the only answer is yes. 
But once aboard the opulent Lion’s Den, the dream holiday quickly turns into a nightmare. Belle and the other six women Summer have invited are treated more like prisoners than guests by their powerful host. They are locked in their cabins each night and their every move are controlled. It isn’t long until Belle discovers, that like herself, Summer is no longer the girl she once knew. 
It soon becomes clear someone has a dark secret. Pulled into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Belle realizes she must keep her wits about her if she is to make it off the yacht alive…’ 
Publication date 19 May 2020 

The Other Passenger by Louise Candlish 

If you love a good thriller packed full of twists and turns, then be sure to check out The Other Passenger this Summer.

‘You’re feeling pretty smug about your commute to work by riverboat… You’ve made new friends onboard — led by your hedonistic young neighbour, Kit — and just had your first official ‘water rats’ get-together.

The day after the drinks, Kit isn’t on the morning boat. The river landmarks are all the same, but something’s off. When you disembark, the police are waiting. Kit’s wife, Melia, has reported him missing and another passenger saw you arguing on the last boat home after your drinks. Police say you had a reason to lash out at him. To threaten him.

No, whatever coincidences might have occurred last night, you are innocent, totally innocent. Aren’t you?’

Publication date 1 July 2020

The Love Square by Laura Jane Williams

From the author of last year’s hit debut, Our Stop, Laura Jane Williams is back and taking the classic love triangle one step further with The Love Square’.

‘Penny Bridge has, historically, been very unlucky in love. She’s pledged to focus on other things – her friends, her career – making the most of what busy London life has to offer. 

But when difficult circumstances mean that Penny’s uncle must hand over the kitchen of his beloved restaurant in Derbyshire, she finds herself stepping into a new life in a new town.

And as luck would have it, she’s suddenly confronted with one remarkable man who wants to date her, followed by another. And then another…’

Publication date 29 June 2020

Queen Bee by Jane Fallon

If you’re a fan of Jane Fallon’s or the likes of Big Little Lies, then I would definitely recommend seeking out Queen Bee this Summer. 
‘When Laura’s marriage falls apart she needs to find a home for her and her daughter. And quickly. 
Welcome to The Close, a beautiful street of mansions, where Laura rents a tiny studio above a garage, and gorgeous Stella is the indisputable Queen Bee – who soon suspects Laura of having designs on her fiancé. 
But when Laura unearths the ghastly secret he is hiding, it threatens Stella’s perfectly curated world as well as Laura’s career. Hatching an elaborate plan to beat him at his own game, these former enemies are now best friends. But has Laura forgotten that revenge always comes with a sting in the tail?’ 
Publication date 9 July 2020

Pretending by Holly Bourne

This funny, honest and smart book from Holly Bourne, the author of How Do You Like Me Now?, is a must-read, particularly for single gals.

‘April is kind, pretty, and relatively normal – yet she can’t seem to get past date five. Every time she thinks she’s found someone to trust, they reveal themselves to be awful, leaving her heartbroken. And angry.

If only April could be more like Gretel. Gretel is exactly what men want – she’s a Regular Everyday Manic Pixie Dream Girl Next Door With No Problems. The problem is, Gretel isn’t real. And April is now claiming to be her.

As soon as April starts ‘being’ Gretel, dating becomes much more fun – especially once she reels in the unsuspecting Joshua. Finally, April is the one in control, but can she control her own feelings? And as she and Joshua grow closer, how long will she be able to keep pretending?’

Publication date 2 April 2020

Do any of these books sound like ones that you would like to read? What’s on your Summer reading list or bookshelf at the moment? Send through your suggestions to @cohorted!
Ellis Tuesday

Ellis Cochrane is a freelance writer and blogger, who you’ll find over at www.ellistuesday.com. Based in Scotland, she writes about beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle. She loves to keep up to date with the latest beauty releases and has worked with some of the biggest beauty brands on reviews and collaborations.

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