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Finding Workout Motivation

It’s getting to that time of year where holidays are on the horizon and we’re beginning to romanticise our summer bods. Personally, I believe feeling like the best version of yourself is important all year round. However, thanks to the media, the appeal of trimming down for the warmer months is one many of us ladies aspire to 

The most difficult part of all of this?… Motivation. Where can I find it? How can I feel it? When will I get it? The truth is, motivation is within yourself, and the key to finding this motivation is self-discipline. To some, jumping out of bed in the morning and smashing out a workout doesn’t come naturally, which is why you’ve got to dig a little deeper to find that sense of motivation.  

Visualise the Outcome

Setting goals and visualising how you want to feel and look is one method to help find motivation. Perhaps looking back at old pictures of when you were healthy and happy will give you the drive you need to feel like your best self again. But remember, comparison is a killer, so please don’t compare your body or workout regime to fitness influencers and top models.  

Manifest your Dream Body

Visualise that summer outfit that’s been on your mind and purchase that bikini. Use this tactic as a step towards your desired body and a way to hold yourself accountable. If there’s one way to feel confident, it’s wearing your favourite flattering fit and looking like a bad b. Visualisation, manifesting and taking steps towards your goal will increase the motivation to workout.  

Create a Schedule

Working out doesn’t have to calculate to five HIIT classes a week, two days of yoga and a morning run. However, creating a weekly schedule does make the process less daunting. A clear guideline of your daily workouts and timings allows even the busiest of us to incorporate exercise into our daily routine. For those busy days where you’ve got places to be and people to see, you can slot in a workout in the morning or at lunch. On days where you’re jam packed with meetings, working out in the evening is a beneficial way to clear your head and switch off from hecticness. 

Before you know it, working out will no longer be a chore but a lifestyle!  

Plan Your Workouts

Preparation really is key to getting the most out of your workouts. If you’re sticking to the gym, write a workout plan in your notes the night prior. This list should cover the exercises and the reps you wish to achieve in that session. Having a weekly workout split allows you to prioritise which part of your body you are training and on what days. If you’re focusing on a range of different workouts e.g. classes, gym, at home training, walks, runssimply dedicate each workout to the days which best suit your weekly schedule. Use a variety of workouts which can be tailored to your personal life and mood on that day, it doesn’t have to be a 1.5-hour session daily!  

Switch it Up

Six days of slaving away at the gym gets repetitive and doesn’t always get you the body you deserve. So why not switch things up? There is a multitude of workouts out there for every lifestyle, demographic, and income. Gym memberships can often be pricey, but that’s not an excuse! Head to YouTube for millions of free home workouts with guaranteed results. Slower paced workouts such as Pilates and Yoga are just as challenging for your core, while also introducing wellness to your weekly routine. ‘Hot Girl Walks’ are a personal Sunday favourite as you can grab a coffee and catch up with a friend while getting in those steps. 

Social Media challenges e.g., 7 Day Ab Challenges are a great way to push yourself and also a reminder of how swapping 10 minutes of scrolling for an ab blast is completely doable, all from the comfort of your own home. For beginners or those who aren’t huge fans of working out but want the results, I guarantee there will be an exercise style out there for you! Find your favourite workouts and stick with them because that’s when you begin to see results.  

Find Balance

Curating a workout routine doesn’t have to detriment your social life, in fact, fitness and socialising can go hand in hand with a little extra effort. I find working out with friends makes the process less daunting and means no excuse for skipping the gym. If you like to dedicate your Friday night to after work drinks, there’s no need to restrict! Simply work hard and eat clean during the week and let loose at weekends. Incorporating weekend walks or a Sunday reset which prioritises wellness ensures you don’t go completely off track, but of course it’s fine if you do. 

If you’re a newbie to the fitness scene, please don’t be so hard on yourself! Working out is a personal process which takes time, dedication, and self-discipline.  

Don’t Give Up

I once read an article which said it takes up to four weeks for you to start seeing results and eight weeks for your loved ones to. Pictures and measurements are a great way to track these results, although be careful as this can become toxic. Instead, go by how you feel within yourself, how your clothes fit and your overall happiness! If you aren’t seeing the results as quickly as you intended, don’t beat yourself up! We still have a few months left until summer – slow and steady wins the race!  

Eat the Rainbow

For me personally, motivation comes in waves, however working out and following the 80/20 rule has been such a huge part of my life that it is now my lifestyle. However, just like any normal human being, there are times where I feel exhausted, sluggish and bloated. I find myself reaching for comfort food and sweet cravings, and as a result the last thing on my mind is working out. On the flip-side, when I eat wholesome, nourishing foods and homecooked meals, I feel happier, more alive and more motivated to work out! Abs are made in the kitchen, so they say…  

Gym Wardrobe

As materialistic as it sounds, new gym wear really provides me with a boost of motivation when I feel uninspired. Purchasing workout clothes isn’t a regular thing for me, so when I do, it helps regain my passion for health and fitness. If you like your gym fit, you are 100% more likely to get your ass to the gym that day and feel confident while working out.  

Some of my top athleisure brands: 

  • Adanola 
  • AYBL  
  • Unaltered  
  • ALO Yoga  

Feel Inspired

When I’m stuck in a rut or trying to get back on track, the first place I head to is YouTube. I love following along Fitness Influencers Daily Vlogs, Week In Workouts and What I Eat In A Day videos – they portray health and fitness as fresh and desirable. TikTok is another great source for quick workout inspo and healthy recipes. I often find Instagram to be less authentic and unfiltered as TikTok and YouTube, as there’s only so much context to a picture and caption. Instagram culture can often lead to false narratives and assumptions about how a person looks, the workouts they do and the food they consume – take it at face value!  


My top Fitness Influencers: 


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