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Father's Day: How to Show Your Dad You Love Him

The good dads out there don’t often get enough credit! They’re always around to change a lightbulb, fix faulty wiring, help us move heavy things, tow us home when the car breaks down… and a whole bunch more!

Father’s Day is a chance to show and tell your dad how thankful you are for his role in your life. There’s so much more to it than just posting a picture on social media and telling the world what a great dad he is!

If you really want to show your dad you love him, here are some ideas to do that this Father’s Day. Every dad is different, and you know yours best. But we’re pretty sure he’ll appreciate a bit of thought and effort to make his day special… And to make sure he knows what he means in your life.

Getting Creative with Gifts

We’re pretty sure every dad loves a good gift! But in many cases, this is where the Father’s Day celebrations end… With a store-bought jersey or a bag of snacks and a quick hug. Change things up this year—get creative with your gifts!

They say it’s the thought that counts, but the more thought you put into it, the more meaningful it is to dad. A quick-pick box of chocolates is probably better than no gift at all, but something unique, personalised, or practical will make him much happier.

Dad-Specific Gifts

What does your dad love? It could be fishing, sports, dogs, coffee, music… Get him something practical that he can use that also relates to what he loves.

Personalised Items

Your dad will have the only one! Depending on the level of personalisation, you can add special messages or inside jokes so he’ll always have a reminder of something special between you and him.

DIY Presents

Putting effort into creating something yourself shows how much you care about your dad. It could be something as simple as making him a little cellphone stand out of wood, or a more complicated project.

Quality Time with Dad

Even more than gifts, most dads want to hang out and spend some time with their family. There’s no need to sit around the TV together, though… There are more exciting and memorable things to do together!

Plan an activity you know he loves

Go fishing, go to the game, have a home games evening, take him to a fancy restaurant, or go on a camping trip! Pick something your dad loves and do it with him.

Ask him to help you with a project

It’s important not to make this “Can you come over and fix this…” This is something you two should be doing together. It’ll make dad feel needed and appreciated, but also give you the chance to hang out and catch up. Think things like painting a wall, helping you choose the right wood for a building project, or helping you plan home renovations.

Words of Affirmation

Father’s Day often becomes about giving gifts and doing things together. But don’t forget to tell your dad what he means to you… They may be tough, but dads need to hear it, too. If it’s hard for you to say, there are other ways than speaking directly to him!

Write him a letter/note

It’s easier to be honest in a letter, but be careful how you word things. Without facial expressions and tone of voice, things can be taken the wrong way, so be careful with your words!

Send him a voice note

If you don’t want to have a conversation, a voice note is a great way to say what you feel without needing to “talk about it”. It’s also something he can keep and cherish.

Have the conversation

If you’re willing, telling your dad how grateful you are for his role in your life is a wonderful way to show him what he means to you.

Acts of Service

Another way to show dad love is to do stuff for him. It sounds a little silly, but these “acts of service” can show your appreciation and make dad’s life easier at the same time.

Run errands for him

Free up some of his time by doing the little errands that he may see as an annoyance.

Wash his car

Who doesn’t love a clean, sparkly car? As long as he’s okay with you touching his vehicle, surprise him by giving it a wash and buff.

Mow the lawn

This is one of those things that most dads just do because they have to! Give him a break by taking over so he can chill.

Cook his favourite meal

You know what they say about the way to a man’s heart. Make him his favourite meal, just the way he likes it.

How Will You Show Your Dad You Love Him?

All dads are different. But you know yours best… So this Father’s Day, take a bit of time to really think about what he’d like. If possible, do all of the above! Get him a unique, meaningful gift, spend some quality time with him, tell him what he means to you, and do something nice for him. He’ll appreciate it and hold the memories close forever.


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