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Embrace Your Single 20s

If there is something I have realised since turning 24, then it is to embrace your single 20s.

If you’re anything like me, probably still hooked on an ex or craving a love that consumes you, it can be difficult to tackle life alone. You feel as though the clock is ticking and that life is catching up with you. BUT, why should we need a partner to feel validated or complete? So, hear me out sisters!   

Personally, I have always hated life without love. I’m what you could call a ‘hopeless romantic’, so I will openly admit that I have always wanted that special someone in my life. You see, seeing friends and family in committed relationships with their long-life partners can become hugely overwhelming. Especially when you feel as though third wheeling is a new hobby of yours. You sit there and inspect their relationship, pining over something that you wish could be yours. But should we really be doing that? OH HELL NO.  

You see, living life as a single pringle, you get to do things on your own terms, and in your 20s, it is important that you are finding out who you are, having fun and living your life. Now, this isn’t me judging those who are in relationships in their 20s – you do you! This is me simply reminding those who are not in relationships, that is perfectly ok too.  

Sometimes after coming out of a long-term relationship, you compare people to your ex, questioning if you are ever going to have what you had with them with someone else. That is your first step of going wrong. Nobody will be your ex. But somebody else could be much better. However, this isn’t a dating advice piece, this is a ‘it’s okay to be alone’ piece. For me, I’ve realised that I’m probably not ready to date, I need to fall out of love with someone, and to love myself instead. And if you’re reading this and can relate to it, then you probably need to love yourself too!  

That is your first step of doing life alone. As cringey as it sounds, you need to love yourself, to recognise your self-worth and to stop comparing your situation to other people’s. Being independent is powerful. Relying on yourself is strong. You are more than capable of doing life alone. It isn’t a permanent thing, it’s simply a now thing.   

If there is one piece of advice that I have for all of the singletons, then it is to be proud of yourself. It really isn’t easy being alone when deep down, you really don’t want to be. But we need to look at the positives of being single and to embrace them. You get the opportunity to explore who you truly are, what you want to achieve out of life and to simply be YOU (a boss).  

So, my fellow singletons, don’t feel bad about being alone. Just know that you are not the only one out there. There are many others that feel the same that crave love or a relationship but are meeting all the wrong people. This just gives us the perfect opportunity to work on ourselves and to smash life as an independent woman.  

Just remember, you’ve got this! Keep doing you, keep being a boss and keep that head held high!  


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