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12 Feb

Date Night on a Budget

Hey Angels, here is another ‘money saving tips’ post. I wanted to give you some idea on how to do date night on a budget, reflecting on how my husband and I like to do things.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, meals out can be expensive! Not everyone is happy to pay £80+ for a fancy 2-course meal. We experienced it once and thought, nope, never again. We’re the type of people who skip dessert and grab a McFlurry on the way home!

We have always ben super savvy when we go out for date night, some may say we’re tight, but I say we’re just sensible. I’m one of those people who likes to get the most out of my money and can’t beat a good bargain.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to consider a more relaxed evening of celebrating, whilst saving the pennies…. 

Meals Out

If you’re going for food somewhere, check them out online first – companies often have a newsletter you can sign up to, which automatically send over any offers they have going.

We often check whether they have an app too, which we can download for more offers and deals. A lot of places now have regular discounts and free things for people who download their app. For example, 2 4 1 meals or % off your total bill, it all adds up and every little helps. We always check for these apps at least a few days before, as some take up to 48 hours to register and send through the offers.

You’ll be surprised with how much discount you can end up getting. We’ve had money knocked off our bill, a free starter or dessert and even free bottles of prosecco! Why wouldn’t you give it a try?

A great trick is to tell a little white lie when they ask for your date of birth, make it the day you’re going for your food. 9/10 they will offer you some sort of free meal/dessert or a bottle of wine. Winning!

Always look at your reciept before you bin it! We’ve noticed that some places offer you money off your next visit if you leave some feedback. It literally takes 5 minutes and will get you discount for next time.

Are you a student or work for public services? Ask if they offer discounts for these, you’ll often find most places do, they just don’t openly advertise it. Definitely worth checking.

If you’re ordering in, use apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo, the often have free delivery codes you can easily find online, that save you money on your order. There are often refer a friend/first order discounts too. 


Top Tip: Choose to have your date night mid-week, as a lot of places have special mid-week offers that aren’t valid on weekends.  

Groupon and Wowcher have some amazing date night ideas! You can literally get cheap meals for 2, hotel stays, spa trips and entertainment evenings. All you need to do is just plan in advance and have a good snoop around, to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. It could save you a fortune and gives you something different to do and look forward to.

Look online for 2 4 1 cinema tickets, to save the cost of you buying two when you only need to buy one. Everyone knows the cinema money saving trick – raid your nearest supermarket before hand so you’re not paying cinema prices for food!

We’ve recently been doing a lot of home rennovation, so all our money was being curned into that. We still needed a date night and some alone time together. What we did, was popped down to Morrisons just before 8 and got a lot of pre-cooked food for super cheap, and I mean like £1.50 for a whole cooked roast chicken cheap. We picked up a bag of pre-cooked potato wedges for 75p and headed to one of our favourite parks for a picnic.

Don’t forget what date night is really about. It’s spending quality time with your other half, not a competition on how much money you can spend. Just doing something different to your normal routine can be just as fun.

I hope this has helped and given some inspiration to save money on your next date night. 

Saffron Baker

Hey Angel, I’m Saffron Baker a 27-year-old Mum & Wife to two monkeys (boys 6 & 4) I am a Blogger, Content Creator and Free-lance writer from home around my little tribe, it’s my passion and keeps my creative brain satisfied. Iced Coffee is the way to my heart! I love chatting all things Beauty, Lifestyle, home renos/ decor and parenting! Hugely into the whole raw, no filter approach to social media. You will normally see me on my Instagram stories, in my PJ's hair on top of my head, no makeup talking about the highs and lows of life and my new obsessions. I just love a good natter and connecting with other like minded galls.

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