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How To Create a Simple Capsule Wardrobe

Get ready for the new year with these tips and tricks on how you can create your dream capsule wardrobe. 

With 2020 finally behind us, it is time to streamline our lockdown purchases and make sense of the wardrobe we have accumulated in the past year. The new year creates the perfect opportunity to create a stylish set up. Throwing out the pieces in your wardrobe that have only been touched once and giving your clothes a bit of TLC, in the hope of creating a successful capsule wardrobe.  


If you’re not familiar with the capsule wardrobe, it is a concept that allows you to have a set number of clothes that can mix and match with one another to create many outfits. It allows you to wear a capsule wardrobe for roughly three months. Then at the end of those three months, you update it for the next season. By having a set number of clothes per season, you save money, help the planet and have no more days of wondering what to wear! 


This may sound a little bit daunting, but here are some simple tips and tricks for creating a successful capsule wardrobe for 2021… 

Begin with a simple look at your wardrobe

A great place to start is to take a step back and have a look at your wardrobe. Create a mental audit of your most-worn pieces, the timeless staples, seasonal pieces, and the clothes that are right at the back of your closet which barely get touched. 


It’s time to extract your unwanted items and recycle these in whichever way you prefer: charity, selling or giving to a friend! With any summer pieces that can only be worn in the two weeks that the UK has nice weather, store these away until the warmer months when you can interchange your capsule wardrobe. 

Add in your favourites

Now this step depends on what state your wardrobe was in before. Perhaps you have everything already hanging up, or maybe you already have some seasonal pieces stored away. Next, you need to blend in the rest of the pieces you own. Choose the items that you think are appropriate for the next few months and you’re excited to wear. Mix together your pieces for this season, along with your staples and favourites. You then have the start of your capsule wardrobe. See? Doesn’t seem too hard does it?  

The additional step

By this point you will be able to see if there are any gaps and pieces that you are missing. It is not integral that you add in new items at the beginning of every season. But you may feel like you’re missing a staple white tee or lacking in the jacket department after you donated that coat you had worn to death.  


Buying new bits is not essential at all. If you are going to make any purchases, it makes sense to research them thoroughly. Work out how they’ll fit with outfits you already enjoy wearing and pieces you own. Try to get them towards the beginning of the season so you can get maximum wear. 

Have fun!

Lastly, enjoy your new wardrobe and try to utilise it to the max! Try and push yourself to find new outfit combinations with your updated streamlined collection. Relish in how you can choose an outfit for the day in approximately four seconds.  


Continue to assess your wardrobe, so you can notice if there are gaps ready for your next purchases. Be flexible  maybe next time you could mix up your organisation. All that matters is you are making mindful purchases and getting more ‘cost per wear’ out of our clothing, all while looking fab! 


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