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Chinese New Year Traditions

Gong hei fat choy! Say goodbye to the Year of the Ox and hello to the Year of the Tiger!

Chinese New Year 2022 (also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year) falls on Tuesday 1st February, the second new moon after winter solstice. This not only signals the start of a New Year, but the start of Spring and new beginnings! 

Unlike in the western world where we dedicate one day to celebrating the New Year, the Spring Festival starts on 1st February and ends on 15th February, culminating with the Lantern Festival. 

This is a very special time of the year for my family where we wish each other happiness and prosperity. My grandmother lays out a magnificent feast of Cantonese dishes and popular Chinese sweets. She also presents me with a little red envelope either handmade or one that is printed with gold lettering and traditional Chinese images such as a ship or flowers. 


As you can probably guess from all the Chinese New Year decorations, red is the luckiest colour. It means wealth and prosperity. Eight is the luckiest number as its pronunciation is similar to words meaning wealthy. Meanwhile, the number six is seen as lucky because it sounds similar to a word meaning smooth progress through life. However, avoid the number four at all costs because it means death! It’s the western version of number thirteen! 

With that, here are eight of my favourite lucky red lipsticks to bring you happiness and prosperity in 2022. I have also included six of my favourite must have sweets to bring you good luck. 

My favourite lucky red lipsticks

Everyone knows that red is my shade. Any red, any formula, any finish. These are my favourite red lipsticks: 

This semi-matte red lipstick stays vibrant for hours. Even after you have been eating and drinking. It is one of those rare lipsticks that fade nicely. 

This is a beautiful lipstick that really does remind me of red velvet. It is creamy and hydrating but stays on my lips for hours. 

This Charlotte Tilbury lipstick feels so luxurious, from the gold packaging to the smooth application. 

If you need a more wearable everyday red colour then try this lipstick! A lovely smooth finish and quick to apply. 

If you prefer liquid lipsticks, then you really need to try Huda Beauty’s range! Unlike many liquid lipsticks, this does not leech all the moisture out of your lips. 

This literally does not budge. And it costs less than £10. This crayon is quick and easy to use and you can line and fill your lips with just one product! 

This lippie has a shiny finish, but it doesn’t bleed or smudge! Clinique say that you can use this on your lips and cheeks. I have only tried this on my lips, but I bet this will make a lovely cream blush! 

My favourite lipliner! Glides on effortlessly and its waterproof formula ensures there is no feathering or transferring. 

My favourite must have sweet treats

Chinese steamed cake 

This delicious concoction of flour, eggs, sugar and vanilla steamed to fluffy perfection is an amazing cake to have at the dinner table! 

Lo Mai Chi 

You might know these gooey sweet glutinous rice dumplings as their Japanese name, mochi. Lo mai chi are a popular treat in Hong Kong, where my grandmother is from. They come in a variety of flavours, but my favourite is red bean paste. 

Egg tarts 

This pastry is another Hong Kong delicacy. They might remind you of the egg custard tarts you find in the UK or Portugal… and that is because each of these countries has their own variation! 

Lucky sweets 

You can find these sweets in all Chinese supermarkets! They are wrapped in glossy traditional red packaging inscribed with gold Chinese characters. They have a white crispy shell but are filled with chewy strawberry goodness. 

White Rabbit sweets 

During your next trip to a Chinese supermarket, you need to seek out these White Rabbit sweets! These chewy sweets are wrapped in edible rice paper, all neatly packaged in a cute wrapper with rabbit design. These are my favourite sweets – East Asian or Western! 

Guava sweets 

These green hard-boiled sweets have a flavour that is never seen in the West! If you are bored of the usual caramel, berry, or citrus sweets you get in the UK, then try out the exotic fruit flavours from East Asia! 


DISCLAIMER: We always aim to credit the original source of every image we include in our content. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please get in touch at marketing@cohorted.co.uk.

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