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Celebrating the Best Things in Life with National Best Friends Day

Best friends: they make the hard times easier, and the good times so much better. They are the family we choose and the people we cant live without. Loyal, unflappable and unconditionally forgiving, we let them know how much we love them all the time, but this summer, theres a whole day dedicated to our besties (just in case we needed another excuse to get together!) 

two best friends

Tuesday, 8th June marks National Best Friends Day, giving us the chance to truly give thanks to those special people in our lives that have been by our side through the most trying times – breakups, hangovers, and now even pandemics! The last year has meant a lot of Zoom parties and distanced drinks, so what better way to show them just how much you love and appreciate them by gifting them something special for this important day of celebration.  

Whether you fancy having a go at a DIY gift and making something with love, splashing out on your bestie or going that extra mile, weve rounded up a few ideas to get you thinking! 

Lisa Angel Personalised Disc Charm Initial Necklace

Friendship jewellery

Theres nothing more personal than a personalised gift! Homemade friendship bracelets were the go-to gift in our primary school days, but plenty of online retailers offer gorgeous, grown-up matching accessories for you and your bestie. 

Etsy is bursting at the seams with handmade necklaces, keyrings and even earrings sporting puzzle pieces or unbreakable knots signifying a strong bond. Lisa Angel, Joma Jewellery and Not On The High Street have got you covered for these gifts. You can shop initials, names or even a date that’s special to the both of you.  

Or, if youre feeling creative, head to a craft store as a plethora of YouTube DIY videos await you to guide you through jewellery making at home! 

Luxury spa day

Quality time with our besties is one of the most important things we could wish for, so why not spoil them with an amazing spa day or break away together. This gift is perfect if youre overdue a good catch up – sit back and enjoy a treatment, relax with a glass of Prosecco and enjoy each others company in the most idyllic way possible.  

Try out a website like spafinder.co.uk which searches for the best spas in your area and provides all the details you need to book a luxury experience for the occasion. 

a woman relaxing at a spa

A personal package

Think about all her favourite things, everything she loves – whether it be her favourite snacks, drinks, flowers or scents, and arrange them in a hamper or gift box. This idea is ideal for those besties that are further away, as it can be sent through the post but still has that personal touch to it to let her know shes your bestie for a reason. 

Make sure to include your favourite photos together, and perhaps even a handwritten list of all the things you love about her to make her feel extra-special and appreciated. If you are really far apart from each other, manifest your connection with high-tech touch bracelets and lamps which light up a certain colour or even buzz when one of you presses it – how sweet is that! 

cocktails on a table

Level up your girl’s night

If drinks are your thing, take your girly cocktail night up a notch by booking a masterclass behind the bar for a change! For a fee, many bars and restaurants across the country allow you to learn how to make your favourite tipples from the pro mixologists or even have a go at creating your own. 

Youll learn a thing or two about the art of cocktails, but most importantly, youll have a blast with each other and (hopefully) itll be a night to remember. 

Best Friends Day is all about showing your bestie just how much she means to you, whether that means you unleash your crafty side, let her know in a lovely card, or book something extravagant. Whichever you choose, shell be so grateful and lucky to have such a great bestie in her life! 


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