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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day During Lockdown

We’ve got some decadent (and delicious) ideas that will inject a much-needed dose of love into your lockdown on Valentine’s Day.  

As we venture further in 2021, it’s beginning to dawn upon us that spending special occasions indoors with the company of your bubble may have to be our reality for longer than we expected. For those who have just spent the past ten months or so glued to their partner’s hip, it may be hard to imagine celebrating another day of being stuck indoors together. For others, the thought of settling down to another virtual date night over Zoom is utterly unwelcome, after months spent apart due to the pandemic.  


But if there is one thing we need to hold on to as we venture further into this year, it’s a positive mindset. We’ve got some decadent (and delicious) ideas that will inject a much-needed dose of love into your lockdown on Valentine’s Day.  


Restaurant At-Home Cooking Kits

As restaurants have been forced to shut their doors once again, a lot of them have been able to transform their menus into DIY Cooking Kits, made from all of their usual ingredients and special finishing touches. Designed to be simple enough for any novice chef to pull off, yet still lengthy enough to make an event out of the preparation. Bringing the restaurant into your home is the perfect way to inject an essence of luxury and lavishness into your Valentine’s Day. With so many to choose from, Restaurant Kits have pulled together some of the best kits on offer with nationwide delivery for you to choose from here 

But remember, supporting our local restaurants is just as important, so if you can get the same thing from your local eatery, try to do so! 

Classic Games Night

There’s nothing better than a good, old-fashioned Game Night! Keep it simple with everyone’s favourites from Monopoly and Scrabble to Backgammon and Battleships, or step it up a notch with some of these fabulous couples-themed games such as Mr and Mrs and In the Dog House! Or if you’re feeling really lucky, dress up in red and black, make some martinis and have proper Poker Night! Winner takes all… 

Pamper Evening for Everyone

No prizes for guessing that this is our favourite option, every time. Men and women alike can’t resist an evening of pampering, and the options are endless. Treat yourselves to a moisture-packed face mask, make your bodies sparkle with an exfoliating polish, and finish off with a couples’ massage (don’t worry, there are plenty of step-by-step tutorials on YouTube!).  


Surprise Menu

If eating a meal together over Zoom is beginning to feel impersonal and dull, try injecting a bit of fun to the occasion by ordering each other’s dinner for the evening! Simply give each other the correct address to deliver to, hop onto your favourite food and delivery app and pick something that will surprise, and delight, your other half. It’s a fun and fabulous way to test how well you really know your partner’s taste, and a great way to support their local businesses.   

Care Packages

If you’re dying for some physical interaction, then care packages might be the next best thing. Set an agreed budget and fill a box with everything your partner would love. You can add novelty items, gifts to remind them about private jokes and memories that you’ve shared, and delicious treats for them to enjoy during your next Zoom call. Make it look utterly beautiful and Valentine’s Day worthy, and agree to open them together over the phone on February the 14th.  

Escape the Room

Stash a Secret Message inside an online vault, and Puzzle Post will send an envelope stuffed full of puzzles in the post and straight to your loved one. All they have to do is complete the puzzles in order to reveal the secret message! Send one of these to each other, each with your own secret message for Valentine’s Day, and see who can finish theirs first!  

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, remember to think about all of your loved ones, from your family to your friends. Keep them all safe by staying indoors, and inject some love into this lockdown.  


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